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Welcome to the Million Dollar Wiki Affiliate Marketing Guide!

Here you will find information on how to make money by affiliate marketing.

Anyone can make money online, you just need a bit of time, some coffee and a good dose of determination.

The bottom line of most Affiliate Marketers is website traffic. If you have an established website that already gets traffic you are ready to go, just sign-up to the affiliate programs below and literally start making money instantly.

Another great way to start making money online is to start your own blog. You can get a blog from the good people at

A Great Place to get cheap Domain Names is eBot Domain Names

For those of you without a website you can sign up for AGLOCO and start earning cash from just surfing the web and signing up your friends... And anyone else that will listen to you.

The Affiliate List

  • ShoppingAds
    • This is a new pay-per-click program brought to you from the guys at AuctionAdds. Looks great, sign up now!
  • Agloco
    • This one is a bit different, for a start its free to join and you dont need a website to be part of this affiliate program. Basically this system requires you to download a browser toolbar. Users make a share of the revenue generated by AGLOCO each month. Get in now, this one will become a winner, the earlier you get in the better!!
  • Text-Link-Ads
    • This is a great one because they will pay you $25 for every confirmed signup to the publisher program. There is really nothing to it, affiliate earning does not get much easier than this. They also provide relatively good payouts compared to some other programs. I give this affiliate program 10/10!
  • AuctionAds
    • This is another interesting affiliate program. Their service is basically one big combined eBay affiliate system. Because of the volume of affiliate sales that go through Auction Ads you actually get paid higher commissions than you would through the normal eBay affiliate program. Easy to sign up and definitely worth having a look at.
  • BidVertiser
    • Good because they have a low payout minimum, US$10, which makes it a winner for affiliate beginners.
  • DealDotCom
    • DealDotCom sells internet marketing tools, they have devised a novel system where they only sell one product at a time for 24 hours only, once the times up or the items runs out thats it theres no more. They also have an affiliate program which can pay out quite well depending on what product is being sold that day.