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Generate Traffic

When you purchase a page on the Million Dollar Wiki, and make it look great by adding quality content and images, we will feature your page right on our home page. Our home page gets thousands of unique hits daily and is ranked under 20,000 on Alexa. When you get featured on the home page, you will get viewed by thousands of people, for only $100. Mdwtraffic.jpg

Your Revenue Will Grow

Whether you make money online through advertising, affiliate programs, or selling a product or service, a page on the Million Dollar Wiki will boost your revenue. You can monetize your Million Dollar Wiki page any way you like. Serve up google ads, sell a product or service, run affiliate programs related to your page's title. Many of our page owners have made back several times what they paid for their page on Google Adsense alone! Mdwrevenue.jpg

Resell your page for a profit

The Million Dollar Wiki is growing every day. When you buy a page, you own the exclusive rights to that page. No one else can edit its content. Down the road, when we've sold all our top-level page names, you will be able to re-sell your page. MDW is catching on like an internet craze, and by the time pages open for resale, top-level pages will easily be worth more than the $100 cost of a page. The Business page has already sold on eBay for $6,000 Mdwresell.jpg

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