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Artwork by Shannon Grissom

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I'm a painter of all that is colorful.
I'm also a children's book writer, "Monkey Made of Sockies" and television host/producer of the series "Give Your Walls Some Soul". Most of my time is spent either creating or playing golf! Golf is fun and feeds my creativity. I'm serious about my art business and goofy enough to know all the words to Super Chicken! I am inspired by happy people and believe life is great!

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Here's the official bio: Shannon Grissom, a California native, originally expressed her creative self through music. Moved to combine her musical affinity with her passion for color, she began oil painting in 1992. Inspired and driven, she rose early each day to paint. These painting sessions were completed before the start of her workday. This demanding schedule was worth the effort. By 1999, she was able to leave her day job to become a professional artist. Today, Shannon is an award-winning artist. She has won awards for both her painting and her television series, "Give Your Walls Some Soul". Additionally, she was a nominee for the ARTV Awards, the first ever academy awards for visual artists Her first children’s book, Monkey Made of Sockies, was recently released and is off to a booming start. It has already received the Parent-to-Parent adding Wisdom Award, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney! Shannon is in collections all over the globe. She maintains a studio in Hollister, California.


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Escape to the whimsical world of Monkey Made of Sockies, where each turn of the page is
like comfort food for the heart.
All you have to do is pick up a copy. As soon as you see the smile on the monkey's face, you'll gain a smile of your own. Each turn of the page describes why Monkey Made of Sockies is the favored toy at Grammy's house.
The vibrant illustrations and lyrical text make reading this book a truly enjoyable experience.
Click here to purchase!


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Give Your Walls Some Soul

Enjoy Shannon Grissom's award-winning television show "Give Your Walls Some Soul". Let Shannon share with you her tips and techniques for painting with soul! Watch each episode on television stations throughout the country or purchase an episode on DVD.

"Enthusiastic! Inspiring! She made me want to paint!"
~ Jeanette Vanderhoof

DVD's can be purchased here.

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