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Baby Boy Names - This MDW page is meant to target the many thousands of parents searching for a name to give to their baby boy. Everyone and his brother (or sister) is competing for top 10 Google rankings for different baby name keyword phrases. It is my goal to use this page as a resource / advertising space for baby websites that want to attract the attention of parents.

However this will not just be a place for advertisers focused on baby names but rather for every website related to babies and parenting. Lets say you're into selling baby strollers, diapers, baby monitors or what about designer clothes, baby food and baby bedding? The possibilities are endless and your potential customers will come directly to this page and see YOUR ad. Sounds interesting doesn't it?

Check out the stats on this keyword taken from the very conservative WordTracker – and this is just Google stats.


Now 70k visitors isn't much but when using other tools you get numbers between 2 - 3.5 millions searches per month.

Would you like to get a piece of those searches?

Now here is your chance. I've desided to sell ad spots on this page to baby related sites that would be interested in the publicity and the traffic that this page will bring to their site.

If you want a spot then contact me at info (at) unique-baby-footprint dot com

Baby Names Business 101

Ever since I started my baby related business I have been looking into search patterns for different phrases and area related to the baby niche. If I had started out guessing I would have been so far off what is the actual reality and therefore I was a blessing to find that there are companies that specialize in search patterns and terms that offers their services for a fee.

The number one baby related search term that by far has the most monthly searches is the term Baby Boy Names. If you had had to guess would that be your first guess? Honestly I wouldn't have placed it anywhere in the Top20 list. I might have put a term like "baby names" because it is both broad and general and will be something that both parents expecting baby boys and baby girls would be interested in searching for but obviously that was not the case.

The statistics show that baby names are generally something that people search for online. The Internet provides a staggering amount of information and when it comes to something like names you can be sure that it'll be absolutely free. I haven't yet found a service that has managed to charge people for a name. It would be cool though if it was possible.

So with all of these searches for baby names (and baby boy names in particular) what can a webmaster or an Internet marketer do in order to turn these massive amounts of traffic into a business opportunity? Well, first of all you'll need to provide what the potential customers are actually searching for and that is baby names. Once that has been taken care of you can move on to add other services or advertising to start making a profit. Let me take you though the different ideas and consideration you will need to do in order to turn you baby names site into a money making machine.