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Yo it's me, ritchie, author of datenschmutz. I was one of the two lucky winners in Graham's sweepstake - thanks a lot for the free page! Of couse I will give my best to make good use of it, that is: I'll give all you wannaba-moneymakers on the net some hints that definitely will pay off. Or at least one: don't blog to make money in the first place. Choose a topic you're really crazy about, and then keep raving. That's basically about it.

And if I wasn't so busy blogging, I'd probably have some time to do stg with this lonely page here... l8r!


gwaan gwaan... a lot of time has passed since I been here last time - the wiki has been sold and I'm looking forward to new ways of promotion. Gotta think of something to do with the random trafffic... why don't you pay a visit to my English langue blog? viralbytes