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The Automotive Aftermarket Car Accessory industry is highly active in providing the highest quality, lowest priced items.  Aftermarket manufacturers such as Reliable Lighting, APC, TYC and Maxzone Depo offer Original equipment Headlights and Tail Lights, along with Aftermarket European style Headlights and Taillights for a much lower price than the Original Manufacturer.  Aftermarket, Factory styled Wheels have also been in high demand, from Factory Reproduction, BMW, Chrysler, Chevrolet Corvette Wheels and Ford Mustang Wheels are widely sought after by today's consumer.  The Aftermarket Accessory manufacturers also offer a wide variety of Truck and Car Grilles, from manufacturers like Putco, Impostor and Grillcraft.  Car and Truck Grills are made to enhance the front fascia of your vehicle, in Chrome, Black and Mesh styles.  There are also different Grille designs available from Putco and other Grillcraft.  Above all, many Auto Accessories are easy to install, with Tape and simple bolt-on applications available.  The new trend in the Automotive Accessory world is Chrome Door Handles, Chrome B-Pillars and Chrome Mirror Cover.  Chrome Accessories are easy to install as well, simply applying them with 3M Adhesive tape. 


Automotive Accessories have also played a big part in advanced technologies such as Portable MP3 devices, and Remote Car Starters from manufacturers such as Commando Car Alarms, Baretta and Astra Vehicle Security.  Also Back up Alarms have played a big part in the Aftermarket Accessory business, as many Luxury manufacturers offer these systems in highline cars, now they are available for any car.  On top of the aforementioned technology, car alarms have also been further advanced of recent, with Astra, Baretta and Commando adapting the 2-Way FM frequency Pagers.  The Astra 777, Baretta 888 and FM-870 Alarms come featuring a 2- Way Pager remote for enhanced security.  Features that you can add to any alarm include Microwave Sensors (for Proximity), Glass Breaking Sensors, Power Window control modules and Trunk Release Kits.  Kits to convert your Manual Windows to Power Windows are very popular (with or without switches), made with the highest quality from Spal USA.

The Automotive Aftermarket industry has many Factory-available enhancements, including Spoilers, Running Boards and HID Headlight Conversions.  Most Luxury manufacturers offer or come standard with HID Headlights.  These high intensity bulbs are now available for any Make and model Car, Truck and SUV.  To enhance the appearance of your vehicle there are numerous options, but the most popular would be adding a rear wing spoiler or roof spoiler, Elite Spoilers has the highest quality and craftsmanship for your Spoiler needs.   Running Boards are almost an essential option available from the factory of most auto makes as well.  Lund and Westin are two leading manufacturers of Factory style or Fiberglass Running boards, along with other materials to satisfy all your needs.  The Aftermarket industry is also highly touted in its production of replacement parts such as Bumper Covers, with Manufacturers Ranging from Truck Master Designs and Street Scene.  Bumper Covers can be a replacement for a damaged part or an upgrade from the factory style bumper, which come for most Cars, Trucks and SUVs.  Roll Pans are a high demand item as well, Truck Master Designs is a leading producer of Roll Pans for most any Truck.  When it comes to your Car and Truck or SUV, you can nearly leave no stone unturned in the Aftermarket Auto Accessories world.