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Chocolate treats that all will enjoy

To make some sweet treats everyone will love, try buying some chocolate melts. These can be used to make a variety of chocolate desserts. Chocolate melts are available in most larger grocery and department stores, including Wal-Mart.

Buy a few bags of chocolate melts, because they are perfect for many occasions. Use them for holidays, birthdays or gifts.

For those cookie lovers!

Chocolate melts can be melted down and put on almost anything. For a gift to a friend, grab a fancy box, a couple bags of chocolate melts and a package of his or her favorite cookies.

First, melt the chocolate melts in a double boiler, and then dunk the cookies into the melted chocolate. Use your fork to remove the chocolate covered cookies from the chocolate and place them on a cookie sheet or some tin foil. When they are cooled and the chocolate has set, go ahead and put them into a nice, fancy box.

You can use any kind of cookie. It doesn't matter what flavor or if it's a sandwich cookie or just a single cookie. Any cookie is great in chocolate.


Melt your chocolate melts and drop in some nuts. Use a fork to cover the nuts, and then spoon them out of the boiler. Place the chocolate covered nuts on some tin foil and let them cool.

For a sweet treat, go ahead and break apart some cookies into bite size pieces. Then, dip them into melted chocolate. Once they are fully covered, put them on the tin foil to cool. Now take some chopped nuts, cover them in the melted chocolate and layer on top of the cookie pieces.


You can take just about any type of fruit and dunk it in melted chocolate. The best fruits that work are cherries, chunks of bananas, oranges and of course, strawberries.

Salty snacks

Pretzels of any type, saltines, potato chips or any plain crackers covered in chocolate are a treat. Just place them into the melted chocolate making sure they are completely covered, and use a fork to bring them out and lay them on your tin foil.

These sweet treats can all be given as gifts to friends or family, just to say thank you or whatever occasion. It does not matter the reason, chocolate is always the perfect gift.