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What is a Directory?

A directory (also known as a web directory, internet directory, or link directory) specializes in linking to other websites and organizing those links into categories so it is easier for visitors to find those websites. Directories can be broken down into even more specific categories such as free directories, paid directories, blog directories, RSS feed directories, regional directories, and many others.

Benefits of Directories
  • Directories help boost your search engine rankings, or SERPs, by providing one-way links back to your site
  • Directories help get your site spidered more frequently by various search engine spiders. The more links you have back to your site the more chances search engine spiders have of getting directed back to your site.  This in turn means that your website's updated content is refreshed faster in the search engine results pages.
  • Directories help improve your link popularity.
  • Well-known directories can provide targeted traffic back to your site.
  • Being listed in paid directories can improve the trustworthiness of your website. If a website is willing to pay to be listed in a large number of paid directories it shows that the website is not a fly-by-night website and is serious about it's business because it is willing to make an investment in it's website by spending money to be listed in web directories.

Top Directories

Any professional or business website that is serious about it's presence on the web should be listed in the directories below.
Yahoo Directory - To be listed in the Yahoo directory there is no fee for non-commercial websites. Commercial websites have to pay a yearly fee of $299.00 USD. - is the definitive Business Search Engine and Business Directory on the web for business information. The domain rose to fame in 1999 when it was purchased for $7.5 million dollars. Since then the success of has continued to rise; mostly recently being obtained by powerhouse R.H. Donnelley, a yellow pages and online local commerical search company, for $345 million dollars in 2007. The current fee to be listed in is $199.00 USD.
DMOZ - Also known as the Open Directory Project (ODP), this free directory is owned by Netscape/AOL and maintained by a community of volunteer editors. Submission to DMOZ is currently free, but most times it takes months, if not years, for a submission to be approved and appear in this free directory. Many other popular and well-known directories, including Google's directory, use the data from DMOZ to construct their directories. This is the main and only reason why DMOZ has so much influence on the internet today.

Best Paid Directories

v7n Directory

Best Free Directories

Pegasus Directory
Search Sight
Add URL Free
My Green Corner Web Directory

Latest News and Information on the Directory Industry

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Link Building - Offers information on how to improve the popularity of your website through proper link building techniques.

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