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A directory (often referred to as a web directory or link directory) is a website that categorizes other sites by topic. Some directories are very general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories. Such directories are often called general directories. Then there are also niche directories, which focus on very specific topics or regions.

General Directories

Most older and popular directories on the web are general directories. With enough categories on a wide range of topics and regions, general directories usually are able to find an appropriate category to list virtually any kind of website.

An example of a general directory would be EveryQuery Global Directory.

Niche Directories

There are countless niche directories on the web, covering virtually any topic you can think of. Some of the most common niche topics include: medical, real estate, business, finance, education, science, shopping, and travel.

Great examples of niche directories would be:

Article Directories

Another very popular form of directory is the article directory. Article directories, instead of listing links, publishes user-submitted articles.

An example of an article directory would be ArticleQuery.

Benefits Of Directories

Why submit your website to directories? Web directories are one of the best ways to promote your websites. Every webmaster should include web directories in their promotional plans.

A few of the benefits of directories include:

  • Increase in link popularity.
  • Improving SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Sending traffic to your site.
  • Attract customers in your industry