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Domain Parking

Parking Domain Names is a practice wherein, a certain Domain Name points to a page which is a list of advertisers relating to the field in context of the Domain Name, for example, a Domain Name like the, will contain advertisements from the field of the Domain Name industry or Web Hosting. The page will not have any other relevant content or any other page for that matter.

Why 'Park' a Domain Name? Domains are parked for a variety of different reasons:

  • A Domain Name can be parked till the time a Website is developed for the Domain
  • Domain Registrars sometimes park Domains if the Domain Owner or Registrant has not renewed the Domain *Domain owners buy a Domain in the hope that it can later be sold at a higher price, they park their domains till this sale is made to earn some revenue in the meanwhile.

How is a Domain Name parked? A Domain is parked through systems of various Parking Providers. They provide two major functions:

  • Templates for various categories from which an owner can make his selection
  • The providers also place relevant ads on this page depending on the category
- is a domain parked with the provider Namedrive

The above examples are instances of the traditional way of Parking Domains.

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the WhyPark way of Parking!

There is a new way of using Domain Names which hasn't been developed into a website yet. claims to bring a new way of looking at making revenue out of Domain Names till the time they are developed.

WhyPark has put in place a system through which a Domain Name will point to a Custom Made Website. This Custom Made website will have real and genuine content in them instead of plain text links of advertisers as compared to a traditional domain parking page.

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These websites have keyword rich articles relating to the field of the Domain Name, for instance, a page like will have articles relating to finance, stock market and other related fields.

The number of articles is only limited by the scope of the field one chooses. The fact that these are keyword rich articles means better Search Engine Optimization for your website, a distant dream for traditional domain parking.

Making Money

One can place ads from any network to on these sites to earn revenue from them. The Domain owner can even sell Text Links on his site through Text Link Ads, or any other Publisher. Advertisements from multiple networks including Google, YPN, Adbrite, etc.

Once can host upto a 100 Domains with WhyPark. The Best part here is that you can keep 100% of all your revenues that you earn from the Domains hosted with them. WhyPark charges you $100 for an account, so this essentially translates to $1 for a Domain for life. This is even cheaper than this MillionDollarWiki page and you don't even have to create your own content. :)

WhyPark has a wonderful affiliate program, with which, every time you refer a Customer to WhyPark, you get paid $45, meaning just 2 referrals and you recover 90% of your cost, one more and you are already into profits!