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Best places to get online free driving directions

There are millions of people go online to get driving directions every day. Which online driving directions tools are the fasted, best, easiest, and most accurate? After spending time to test all the major online driving directions tools, we are listing 5 most popular online driving directions providers here as a reference.

1. Seeaarch Driving Directions

seeaarch driving directions screenshotSeeaarchresult.GIF

Seeaarch Driving Directions is the newest online driving directions site on the internet. Getting driving directions is as simple as entering starting and ending addresses. It will display 3 different driving directions provided by Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps, and Mapquest, side by side, in one page. We rate Seeaarch Driving Directions as the No.1 online driving directions tools because the users only need to enter their starting and ending addresses once to get three different driving directions instead of entering starting and ending addresses three times in three different web site. It makes users much easier to compare different driving direction side by side to determine the best route.

2. Google Maps

google driving directions screenshotGoogleresult.GIF

Google launches their online maps and driving directions tools several years ago. It is a relatively new site to provide maps and driving directions. Google maps has the best speed and accuracy among all major online map providers. Also, same as Seeaarch Driving Directions and Yahoo! Maps, Google makes one line input field for starting and ending address, which saves clicks from the users and makes the input much easier.

3. Mapquest Directions

mapquest driving directions screenshotMapquestresult1.GIF

Mapquest Directions was introduced to internet on 1996. It is well known for online maps and driving directions services. Sometimes, it is still the first site we'll turn into to find driving directions. Their driving directions are mostly accurate. MapQuest tends to find the more direct route. The speed is one of the fastest. However, sometimes, we found their maps are not updated as Google Maps. Also, users will have to go through several clicks or tabs to input starting and ending address, not as easy as Seeaarch Driving Directions Google Maps, and Yahoo! Maps.

4. Yahoo! Maps

yahoo driving directions screenshotYahooresult1.GIF

Yahoo! free driving directions service is good and fancy. However, it is slower than other online free driving directions tool. We have run a test to use Seeaarch Driving Directions to display Google, yahoo, and mapquest free driving directions at the same time by a single click. Google and mapquest are much faster then Yahoo! maps.

5. Windows Live Local Driving Directions

live driving directions screenshotLiveresult.GIF

Windows Live Local Driving Directions is much better than MSN's Map Blast. The free driving directions service is good and fast. Also, it has the option to choose the shortest instead of the quickest route in these days of high gas prices. If you do opt for speed, keep in mind that the driving time estimates in live maps are awfully ambitious unless you plan to really step on it.