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Dubai News Headlines

Brief Introduction

Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum had a vision. Many thought he was mad but Sheikh Rashid would not be sidetracked. He believed that if he built it they would come. And come they have as the dream is being realized. The adventure has just begun. Come and join in.

Dubai City is one of the seven emirates which combine to make up the United Arab Emirates. Originally, the city of Dubai was just a small fishing village more known as a source of pearls than anything else. In the late 19th century this changed as the city was becoming a commercial hub. The discovery of oil and being a center of trade has led to the city of Dubai becoming a business and tourism giant. Because only a small portion of the cities revenue is derived from oil Dubai relies on business and tourism for the largest portion of its income. It is the second largest Emirate in terms of both area and population. In addition to the local population the modern city of Dubai is both cosmopolitan and diverse, including residents from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Dressing in Dubai

Dubai and it’s population are broad-minded, however when it comes to dressing a little bit of respect for it’s traditional styles is definitely appreciated. It would be a good idea not to wear shorts or clothes are are too tight. Local men are generally attired in a full length clothes that is usually white in color and called as ‘dishdasha’ or ‘khandura.’ This is teamed up with a headdress that is chequered and usually a combination of red and white, which is known as ‘gutra’. Local women are typically dressed in black and long robes, which are worn over the normal clothes. This is called ‘abaya.’ with a scarf on their heads.

The Dubai Shopping Festival

Calling all shopaholics out there, this is a festival you dare not miss. You can shop to your heart’s content without having to worry about paying taxes for anything. You will find a number of retailers participating in this festival and what’s more is, you also stand a chance to win a number of prizes through the ‘scratch-n-wins’ and raffles that take place during the shopping festival. Some of the daily prizes that are to be won are a ‘Lexus’ or maybe ‘One Kilogram of Gold’.

Arabian Cuisine

The Arabic food is very delicious and includes special delicacies from several countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Afghanistan, Tunisia and many more countries, who are gradually making their way into Dubai. All across the city, you will find a food item specialty called ‘shawarma’. Shawarma is an integral part of everyone’s life in Dubai. You will find a number of vendors selling hundreds of these each day. There is always enough Shawarma for one and all. The shawarma is basically a hot and sumptuous sandwich that contains chicken or lamb as a filling. The filling is in ‘pita bread’ which is also full of vegetables and spices.

Dubai Museum

The museum in Dubai is a good way to trace back its history. It is at Al Fahidi Fort and has a display of some amazing facts in a very innovative way. One of the most remarkable exhibits that you cannot afford to miss is the portrayal of pearl-divers and the underwater world. Some of the other exhibits that are worth seeing are the conventional Arab houses, the souk, desert life, mosques, date gardens, and marine life.

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