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Free Ringtones Right now most people have been burnt badly by sites claiming to have free ringtones but only to get billed later. So are there free ringtone websites available? YES! Here they are. As you notice there are no affiliate links in any of these listings. Just information.


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    The best one is Nextpimp is the "YouTube" of ringtones if you will. Their database of over 4 million ringtones is completely contributed by amateur artists. They allow you to either download the song directly to your computer or you can even send it OTA (over the air) if you have sms capabilities.
    Nextpimp was the first site to venture into this user contributed content and they now have half a million users.


Mobile9 is one of the newer players but appears to only offer wap deliverydelivary. Also in testing our 9 different phones not one of them could accept the format that mobile9 was trying to deliver.

Mixxer was one of the first sites to send out directly to phones. They also have a great mobile store. Still they do have free ringtones... if you can load it.