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Gadget - noun, a small device or tool which has a specific purpose or practical function. Often we refer to any device or object which which serves any function or purpose. Gadgets and Gizmos are sometimes used interchangeably, however, a commonly held difference between the two are that Gizmos contain mechanical parts, whereas a gadget does not. For instance, a digital watch would be considered a gadget, while an analog watch is a gizmo (mechanical gears).

Recommended Reading

To find the latest information on the newest gadgets and gizmos, I tend to check out the following sites:

Engadget - The largest gadget blog on the Internet. Part of the Weblogs Inc. group of blogs, it has the most readers and traffic and has even surpassed it's biggest rival

Gizmodo - One of the premiere gadget blogs on the Internet by Gawker Media. There are many bloggers who update the site with fresh news on a regular basis. A must read!


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