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Samgine makes some very fun and original puzzles that you need to check out. They have some free puzzles listed on their site and floating around the internet. Here are a few quick and witty flash puzzles that will require your logical thinking.

Gajollop In this animated puzzle you have to click on squares to change their color. Each color has a different value. The goal is to have the value of the squares add up to the totals for each row and column.

Undivided Point and click puzzle where you have to remove all of the dividers in a cube. There are three cubes and each one gets more difficult. Try to recognize what changes when you click a side and develop your strategy from that.

Visit this casual puzzle website for daily fresh new puzzles from all around the internet. They post the best free online games and puzzles and the following is a sampling of some of the flash games listed on their website.

Matching Wheel A puzzle game where you have to get all of the same colored pieces together on each of the outer wheels.

Push’n Snap Direct the blocks of different color to simular color landing goals. Place your mouse over the blocks, and then direct them vertically or horizontally - they stop when they reach a goal or hit a wall or another block.

Glowstones A lights out puzzle with a twist: Move the fairy and turn the stones on and off, all using the arrow keys. The light and darkness interchange when the fairy moves and hovers over a new stone.

Open Doors In this maze style puzzle you have to move a square to where there is a spot marked “X”. There are doors to open and closed as you move through the maze. Each level gets more difficult as the maze becomes increasingly more complex and the doors can only be opened from a particular side.

Game Sites

The follow Game Portals have fresh content regularly and are a fun place to go for casual games - usually flash based. Enjoy:

  1. Armor Games
  2. Kongregate
  3. Addicting Games
  4. BubbleBox
  5. New Grounds

Also, check out Flash Games on the Million Dollar Wiki.