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The Garden and Flora Network - is heavily under construction at the moment: We'll start the first site for Austria at in fall of 2007. and will succeed. For 2008 we're planning the first garden and flora related community and portal site in English.

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Gardora: Future and History

'Garten, Pflanzen,' is the complete name of But its name is limited to a German auditorium: 'Garden, plants, outdoor power equipment' would be its direct translation into English but as you can see it's far too long. It took quite a while to find a name that's international, with free domain names etc. pp. But at last we did it: Gardora is a merger of Garden and Flora. You'll be able to track the evolution of a new garden and flora related news and resources portal within the next months and years.

In 1998 (German for outdoor power equipment) went online: Planned as an add-on service for customers of Eicker Land- und Gartentechnik it became independent very quickly and the leading gardening and plants related portal in Germany and beyond. Started as a directory of garden and flora links it developed to the primary news and resources site in German during the last years with more than 200K visitors a month in 2007.


At the gafa 2002 - the world’s leading trade fair for the garden and leisure market - // was introduced to merchants of outdoor power equipment: // offers online technologies, online marketing and editorial services as an ASP and supervises more than 1oo websites and shops of German 'Motoristen' today. The //Gartentechnik.communications GmbH is an affiliated company owned and run equitable by //Seibert/Media GmbH and eWerx!..communications°Beyond Noise. //Seibert/Media provides the online technologies, while eWerx!.. provides the online marketing via // itself focuses on data integration and services.