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What is a Gas Card?

GAS CARDS is a special kind of rewards credit cards, which if used for gas purchases allow their cardholders to accumulate points redeemable for cash (or cashback), gift cards, discounts, etc.

There are different types of gas credit cards. The most popular ones are General Gas Cards (for individuals), Business Gas Cards and Gas Cards for Students.

The Best Gas Cards

Following is the list of best gas card offers for individuals with good credit history, businesses and students. By clicking the card image you may advance to the page with additional information about the offer and the link to a secure online application.

General Gas Cards

To apply for a gas card from this category one is required to have a good credit history.

  • Discover® Open Road (SM) Card
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  • Citi CashReturns (SM) Card
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  • Chase BP Visa® Rewards Card
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Gas Cards for Businesses

Cashbacks for gas purchases is only one of many rewards you may take advantage of by applying for one of these cards. These cards help building your business as well as saving money on business related purchases.

  • Advanta Platinum Business Card with Rewards
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  • SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express
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  • The Chase Business Rebate Card
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Gas Cards for Students

These cards have “softer” credit requirements and are available to college and high school students. Student gas cards will help save money and build credit history.

  • Discover® Open Road (SM) Card for Students
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  • Discover® Student Card - Clear
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  • Citi® Driver's Edge® Card for College Students
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How to Pick a Gas Card

When it comes to picking a gas card there are things one needs to consider. First of all, one should decide whether he should get a branded card that he’ll be using only at locations of a particular chain of gas stations or a card that he might use at any gas station. There is no sense in getting a card that offers great rewards if it can’t be used anywhere in your town.

The next step in choosing a credit card will be finding out what percentage of a purchase one will get back if the card is used. One also should try to research whether there are any limitations as for the amount of rewards that can be earned per month or year. Quite often gas cards will offer 10% cashback on gas purchases but only for the first 3 months and thereafter it goes down to 5% or even 1%.

How to Use a Gas Card

To learn about the best gas cashback offers available at this time online visit – Best Gas Credit Cards.