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Procerin – an effective treatment for hair loss


Hair has an immense effect on the physical appearance and personality of an individual. Unfortunately, hair loss problems have been one of the causes of great worry for many adults. Though it is more common in men but women also suffer from hair loss problems. Receding hairlines can be identified by loss of hair from the temple area and then moving backwards. This deteriorates the appeal of a man, makes him look more aged and it also has a psychological effect as it diminishes the confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

Commonly found in men, the problem of ‘male pattern baldness’ is also known as alopecia. The main reason considered to be the cause of this problem is hereditary and the overactivity of the male hormone testosterone on hair follicles. This starts to attack the roots of hair, thereby resulting in the thinning of the diameter of hair strands. The result is the diminished growth of hair and ultimately no growth at all. Apart from this, there are other kinds of hair loss like Telogen effluvium and Trichotillomania as well that may be caused due to medicines, pregnancy, chemotherapy, auto-immune disorders, scalp trauma, under-active thyroid, nutritional deficiencies and so on.

The Procerin vitamin has been found to be effective for the treatment of hair loss especially for male pattern baldness, as the ingredient Saw Palmetto obstructs the making of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is the main reason for hair loss. It plays the role of a serum for thinning hair. It has a high success rate and is provided without a prescription. Mainly there are no side effects from drugs such as Propecia.

It is beneficial for men from all groups and is more effective for those aging 18-35 years with their hair still in the phase of growth. On the other hand, for people whose hair is no longer in the growth phase, its effectiveness has been limited till only retaining the existing hair of an individual. Grapeseed extract, Oleic acid and Azelaic acid are the hair nutrients that comprise in Procerin XT serum including natural ingredients such as palmetto extract, stinging nettle and many others that together help to prevent hair loss.

Available in both topical solution and tablet form, Procerin has been specifically for hair growth in men. The dosage of one tablet can be consumed in morning, followed by two more at night before sleeping. For those who have stomach discomfort, it is advisable to take them with food. Nevertheless, it does not have any side effects as such but Saw palmetto contained in it might have side-effects in some rare cases like dizziness, vomiting and constipation. The results from the use of Procerin can be noticed in as less as two weeks but when taken regularly for long, its effects are definitely visible. It is also considered that procerin taken with rogain can give better results. All Procerin products purchased also have a money back guarantee in case you do not notice any result.