Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery- It's not a matter of 'if' your hard drive will fail, but 'when'! It is essential that users take proactive steps to taking care of their data and making sure it is secure. Backing up is key to the recovery process.

Data Recovery The ability to save or retrieve data that has been damaged or corrupted and can no longer be accessed by a typical user.

Types of Damage

Data loss can occur as the result of various incidents. Anything from a flood, fire, power surge or just plain failure can damage your computer's hardware to the point that a data recovery service will be needed.

How Do They Do it?

There are a few techniques used to recover damaged data. If there is no major damage, sometimes replacing minor parts in the hard disk will be sufficient. Often times parts from healthy drives are interchanged with damaged drives to recover data. These are very technical procedures and should not be attempted by someone that is not a data recovery professional.


Manufacture Warranties are typically voided as soon as any of the above procedures is done.