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Health food Eating healthy is one of the latest trends to keep in shape. If you are following a healthy diet, you're practicing making choices on what to eat to keep yourself in shape.

Generally, a healthy diet is said to include:

  1. Enough calories to maintain a person's activity needs, but not so many as to result in fat storage greater than roughly 30% of body mass
  2. Sufficient quantities of fat, including mono-unsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and saturated fat, with a balance of omega-6 and long-chain omega-3 lipids
  3. keep a good ratio between carbohydrates and lipids : four grams of the carbohydrates for one gram of the lipids.
  4. Don't take saturated fat
  5. Don't take trans fat.
  6. Sufficient essential amino acids to provide cellular replenishment and transport proteins;
  7. Essential micro-nutrients such as vitamins and certain minerals.
  8. Avoiding directly poisonous (e.g. heavy metals) and carcinogenic substances;
  9. Avoiding foods contaminated by human pathogens (e.g. e. coli, tapeworm eggs);
  10. Avoiding chronic high doses of certain foods that are benign or beneficial in small or occasional doses, such as
    • foods or substances with directly toxic properties at high chronic doses (e.g. ethyl alcohol);
    • foods that may interfere at high doses with other body processes (e.g. refined table salt);
    • foods that may burden or exhaust normal functions (e.g. refined carbohydrates without adequate dietary fibre).

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