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What is Home Exchange?

home-exchange [hohm iks-cheynj]

- verb
1. to exchange homes or properties with one another; to save money in the process; to "live" in other areas of the world while on vacation; to exchange homes

Home exchange or home swapping is one of the fastest growing trends in the vacation industry for one simple reason, it raises your quality of life. You'll never have to pay for hotels again and by avoiding hotel costs, (which can easily run into the thousands for just one vacation) you can travel more often and do more when you do travel with the money you save.

More and more, people are finding that once they list their house, they get offers from people in interesting locations. When you factor in the savings, its a very compelling way to vacation.


Premium Home Exchange Site

Outlined below is information on SwapYourVacationHome.com - a premium home exchange site..


SYVH Banner.jpg
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SwapYourVacationHome.com is the next generation home exchange site offering new features constantly and chances to actually make money by being a member (see info on the refer a friend program).

Special Offers

10% off - Sign up now (applies to paid memberships only) and receive a 10% monthly discount on your membership just by entering promotional code "30" during your sign up process (after you choose your membership level). Also, you don't have to sign up for any long term contracts, you just pay month by month, and cancel anytime if you don't like it. For as little as $8.95 per month, you can be a member of the community and be on your way to swapping with others from around the world.

Discounts of Existing Home Exchangers - If you're already a member of a home swapping site, you can save 10% just by entering the url to your property on a competitors site during the sign up process (applies to paid memberships only).

Refer A Friend Program - This is the most advanced refer a friend program out there. For every friend your refer, they'll write you a check every month, for as long as you're referrals remain members of the site. Check it out! (applies to paid memberships only).

Affiliates - If you're a web site or blog owner, its also worth checking out the affiliate program!

At the time this was written growth is steady with members in over 59 counties, homes in 39 countries and over 86 active swap requests among its members.


Swapping Guide Lines

There are some rules for having a safe home exchange experience (and some for making your guests stay a pleasant one). This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it covers the main areas of relevance.

  • Always get to know those that you're going to swap with. Most good sites will provide private messaging services to let the community correspond with each other anonymously. However, as you get close to actually swapping, its important to move beyond email and talk in person
  • Create a list of items of interest in your home for your guest
  • Create a list of local city attractions and how to find them
  • Emergency numbers
  • More to come....