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Hello! Welcome To Internet Marketing The WIKI Way.

Welcome to "The Internet Marketing Survivor's Website!" The following internet marketing tips are packed full of powerful online marketing secrets that will help you and your business build its name and increase its business... Effortlessly! I invite you to come in and enjoy the many strategies it contains. While this website is always evolving, I give you the permission to let your readers and clients know about these pages for your own education as well as keep everyone in the know about what up in the ever changing marketing arena.

Nevertheless, I'm positive that these techniques will provide a positive impact for your marketing results, and I'm not saying this lightly. After 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, and the last 6 years of my career dedicated exclusively to the service and professional industries, these techniques (although applicable to every industry, every product or service, and every profession) can become of an enormous benefit to marketing newbies as well some advanced online marketer's of all types, small to medium−sized businesses.

Enjoy and thank you for your interest in The Internet Marketing Survivor's Website Any suggestions or comments, especially those I can use in future works? Please e−mail me today! At Mailto: Put (Internet Marketing Survivor's Website) in the subject line. Good luck and best wishes!


Instant Online Products--Tip # 1

Dear Internet Marketer,

In this UNIQUE 5-part web course you will discover 5 of the hottest product creation tactics many successful online business owners like myself--Kunle Olomofe, Allen Says, Joe Vitale, Ken Evoy, Mark Joyner, and others just too many to list here use to write up new infoproducts.

We then use these finished infoproducts to easily and quickly create new income or generate super hot leads for our future campaigns.

This stuff is simple but proven. You probably won't hear a lot of people openly sharing some of these tactics with you. Don't ask me why. But no doubt, without this kind of "insider" knowledge, you'll end up having a hard time making new products of your own to give away or sell.

OK. You'll get one tip a day for 5 days. Your first tip is below now.

Enjoy the ecourse!

How To Set Up Hot New Products FAST, That REALLY Sell!-------

MORE Heads Are Better Than One! Combine the knowledge and experience of others to pull in huge profits for yourself (and of course for those people who help you create the product, also!)

Ken McCarthy is one of those savvy marketers who uses this tip to smartly make a pile of money. WHAT does he do and HOW does he do it?

Simple. He gathers experienced people together and interviews them or gives them an outline of what he wants them to talk about that would interest and greatly benefit his (Ken McCarthy's) audience. These experts hide away and come back later with the Gold. Ken McCarthy compiles it all in one package and begins making money selling his new packages. It's that simple.

There are a ton of other marketers who've come together quite recently (especially this past year) to co-create a ton of valuable information products. If you've been around the Internet, you'll know what I mean.

Check out this inventive why to do this <a href=</a> Some sample videos half down the page.

Why do they do it? Simple. Because it works. And trust me, it works really well. But the best part is though, that YOU can be using this tip too.

Now I'm sure you've realized this already, but just incase you missed my point here.. This tip will NOT only work great, when you "interview" a bunch of big names and then sell or give away those interviews. No.

It'll probably work much better for you when you sit down with ONE person you'd like to work with and you BOTH come up with a great product the public would love to have.

Truth is.. Interviews these days are losing their effect on the public. Many are just plain sales pitches and that makes them useless and BORING.

If you can make yours really interesting, and useful, good. If not... forget Interviewing anyone and simply get together with just ONE knowledgable person in your field, and you two co-write something that knocks the socks off your competitors. Just remember the friendly advice below whenever you approach someone to work with you.

Some friendly advice: The most important thing to keep in mind if you decide to use this tip is this -- Your offer to the people who will contribute their hard-earned knowledge so you can put this together as a really hot new product, MUST BE TRULY WIN-WIN all round... if you make lop-sided offers to these people (meaning if your offer obviously pays you much more than it pays them), I can assure you no one will agree to work with you.


It's NOT just enough to ASK people to contribute their knowledge, valuable time or even their money (which is really the same as their time) to create your product for you. You've got to make it really worth their while.

Do that, and I guarantee, the money or leads will come rolling in from the pile of hot new products you'll have! So, how do you make them an offer they can't resist? Now that's not easy question to answer since all situations are different. But here are a couple of tested and proven ways to get people's attention..

1) One way is to PAY them for their time creating the product. Almost no one would turn down an offer to pay them as compensation for them putting away other plans to work with you.

2) If you don't have the money to pay for expert hours.. Another sure way is to simply put yourself in THEIR shoes. THINK HARD. What kind of offer would sound tempting enough to YOU that you'd shout.. "Sure friend! Count me in!"? If you can come up with a true win-win offer, you'll end up with eager partners and hot, new products.


OK. That's a wrap for today. In 2 days I'll shoot you the next tip in this series. Watch for it! It's Entitled"Internet Marketing Super Easy Product Creator"

Best regards,

Robert Walker

The Internet Marketing Survivor's Website Internet Marketing 's Super Easy Product Creator--Tip # 2

Dear Internet Marketer,

In this UNIQUE 5-part web course you will discover 5 of the hottest internet marketing strategies for product creation thatbusiness internet marketing many successful online business owners like myself--Robert Walker, Allen Says, Joe Vitale, Ken Evoy, Mark Joyner, and others just too many to list here use to write up new infoproducts.

You'll get one tip every 3 days for 15 days. Your 2nd tip is below now.

Enjoy the rest of the web course!

How To Set Up Hot New Products FAST, That REALLY Sell!-------
TIP 2--------

Don't write a new product, simply compile it. Sometimes all you have to do is put together a useful resource (note that I said 'useful resource'), that people would love to get their hands on. That's it. You can give these away or sell them. This easily equals Instant products and Instant profits.

Does this stuff really work? Judge for yourself. Internet veteran Marlon Sanders used this tip to set up a new product he's selling rights to for over $290 a head! Wow..! You can check it out at:

Yanik Silver used this tip to set up his famous Autoresponder Magic: and Million Dollar Emails ebooks:

Collin Almeida is using this tip to make $500 sales a head over at: He took the time and effort to put together 56 of the best online sales letters he could get the reprint rights to and has made them available for one low price over at his web site.

The truth be told, people LOVE tools and will be happy if you put a helpful business internet marketing resources in their hands that saves them money and time or even better makes them money as well. So all you really have to do is build some of the best internet marketing promotion tools in your business, and make them freely available.. let people sell them or give them away!

If you like, you could even build up hefty $200 - $500 (or more) packages simply using these tips. just get creative and look outside the internet marketing box.

Tuesday, I'll shoot you the 3rd tip in this series. Watch for it!

Happy 4th July to people who celebrate this holiday

Best regards,

Robert Walker