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Here are some of the projects I am involved in...please check them out!

Rooted in Ireland is an oak planting project in County Armagh, Ireland. What we do is simple really.....we plant oak trees, and them offer them to interested parties for dedication.
Rooted in Ireland
Most of our dedications have been as memorials, while others have been to mark a special occasion; wedding, birth, birthday, etc. Some others have come from people who wish to offset their carbon footprint. Whatever the reason, visit Rooted in Ireland today!

Ireland Local is a property, vehicle, jobs, and business listings website in Ireland. The only one of its' kind, Ireland Local aims to provide highly relevant content to its' users, while providing very cost effective advertising solutions for its' advertisers. Visit Ireland Local today!

Ireland Local

Also, check out the Ireland Local Blog, where we will be keeping anyone who cares up to date on the progress of Ireland Local, and the trials and tribulations that go with that! We are also in the process of building new sites for our Web Design Company and our Internet Marketing Company. When these are completed we will have a common identity between all our sites. A great site that you should also visit if you are looking for Handmade Gifts is Kitty and Polly. If you live in the west of Ireland and wish to sell or rent your home you need a Building Energy Rating Certificate. You can get one of these from Ber Assessor Galway. Eilleen Cameron is a SEI qualified assessor, and can guarantee you a quality service.