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Ciao! I'm Gareth and i'm Italian! I've decided to own this page, because i would like to share with you some of my passions, regarding my country. In particular i would like to talk about italian cooking and italian tourism!

Italian Cooking

I already have a small website where i collect my favorite recipe Italian Food Culture I'll try post here the latest recipes or at least the updates.

Also, if you like to know some particular italian recipes, you can contact me on Twitter and i will try my best to look for them on my books.

Can you cook an awesome pasta ?

Pasta. I love it but cooking a good pasta is an entirely different matter and it's a prerequisite for a good result of any recipe. You can't hope to cover a failed pasta with a good sauce, the effect would be disappointing.

In order to cook pasta without failure, you must observe some easy rules:

  1. Add 1 liter of water and half tablesppon of coarse salt every 100 grams of pasta
  2. The pot should be filled at 75% maximum, in order to avoid a spilling of water during cooking
  3. Add the salt after the water is boiling, but before throwing pasta. (optional, but this will ensure faster boiling times)
  4. Check the pasta features on the bag, the cooking time expecially. Have a clock ready, timing is essential.
  5. Do you have a colander, don't you ? Even a plastic one will do!

As soon as the salt is completely melt it's time to cook your pasta: take a timer and set it accordingly to the suggested cooking time printed on the pasta pack (or bag).

Do not cover the pot ! The increased mass would probably make the water spill in a matter of moments.

Find out the rest of this guideline here!

Italian Pasta Salad Secrets

Summer is the best season for Pasta Salad: with the right mix you can cook a balanced meal that has everything you like: pasta, vegetabables, cheese, ham and so on! But in order to achieve a good Pasta Salad you have to follow some rules and procedures. Let's see how can you make an awesome pasta salad!

1. Choose the right kind of Pasta

It may sound obvious but if you are starting up your cooking career you should not underestimate this first step! There are many kinds of pasta (refer to this wikipedia list for a reference) but in order to attain good results, you should stick do shaped pasta or kinds of pasta that can be "singled out", for example avoid spaghetti and the like. Why? Because we want to avoid stickyness which would cause lumps of pasta. Some of the best kind of pasta to start with are:

  1. Rigatoni
  2. Penne/Pennette/Penne rigate/Macaroni
  3. Fusilli/Rotini (which are great with tuna)
  4. Rotelle

Find out the rest of this guideline here!

Italian Tourism

Instead of a cold list of places i will try to collect hints and tips about travelling in Italy! Travelling is also one of my (many) hobbies and i'm eager to help you ! Some examples ?

  • Autumn is a perfectly good time to visit italy, the center-south part in particular: The climate is still warm and the big waves of mass tourism are missing.
  • The winter is coming, so if you like snow sports there are lots of awesome places on the alps

Quick tips if you decide to come in italy

If you decide to come to italy, don't forget to buy a Travel Insurance! Italian healthcare system is not that bad (most of the medical exams are cheap or even free) but you may need specialistic assistance and that could be expensive. World Nomads is one of the most affordable travel insurances i have seen and it is also recommended by lonely planet.

Learning Italian

Many italians are eager to help if you are in trouble, but the knowledge of english is not so widespread on the adult population about 40 years old. Your best bet is to learn to speak italian, at least some common sense phrases could help you a lot. If you don't have the time to attend language course, i think you should try Transparent Language courses. They are cheap and very informative! Have a look!

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