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To the person who holds my dream...

I know that there is a garage out there that houses a Jaguar, specifically an XJ6, taupe exterior with a butter cream interior. It's an older model with round headlights, a long sleek body with the most elegant of lines. The one whose rear slopes downward just enough to distinguish its unique presence from all the rest.

I know that I have been linked with this car for decades.

If you are the owner of this moving art form, please consider actualizing our connection and gifting me with my dream with no strings attached. If, through your generosity and spirit, you actualize my dream, I can only speculate that you will experience a domino effect of good energy.

Some would perceive a gift such as this as seemingly impossible. However, the gift would challenge them into new realms of what is truly possible, and perhaps encourage them to be more willing to entertain dreaming their own dreams into physical reality. This has the possibility of raising their own vibration, and also raise the vibration of the planet, with unlmited possibilities.

I think this XJ6 is surely the most elegant car ever made. The lines seem to be in harmony with nature and the environment. Because I feel that this car speaks of beauty and grace, it is also a metaphor for the other side of visible. Craftsmen crafted it with excellence and integrity, and a sense of pride in their work. All this energy goes into the very essence of this car, for the greater good of all.

My dream is not only about being guardian over this exquisite car, it is also about being a conduit of faith and possibility in our world, through kindness, generosity, and love.


May all good wishes be ever abundant in your life


P.S. I will know that this is the car for me because the rear left door handle acts in mysterious ways.