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So who is Johnny Forex?

Rumor has it, Johnny Forex (not his real name), was a man that had a brilliant idea to make money on the internet. He started with nothing, just a laptop and an idea. Johnny worked hard at a day job, sometimes 10 maybe 12 hours a day. Two hours a day in a never ending traffic jam. All day long he would sit there in his cubicle, sufficiently blocked off from the rest of the corporate world, alone in his thoughts. “Man, I gotta get out of here” were the words pounding inside his head. Day in, day out, the rat race was wearing him down.

Johnny knew that he had to get out or this corporate world would swallow him whole. Then he had an epiphany…. He had seen others making money online but didn’t know how they did it, until one of his friends told him about Forex trading. The idea seemed overly simple and the skeptic in him said it was impossible. But Johnny didn’t give up, he kept researching and learning everything he needed to know about this exciting market. It fascinated him to think that the Forex market was so huge, it would be impervious to the pressures or greed of a few rich people. Johnny bought some e-books and trading software and started making money.

It took a while, and he made some mistakes that cost him some hard earned money, but he learned. Johnny then would be come known in his circle of friends as Johnny Forex. Soon, the differences started to show…. A new car, new clothes, better and more positive outlook on life, all these things started to make Johnny believe in himself again. He was able to quit his job and concentrate on his internet business. He later explored other money making opportunities, and some debt relief programs to help him eliminate his debt in a short period of time.

Now, Johnny Forex just relaxes and helps others make money online. He still does trading but he enjoys mentoring much more nowadays.

Although the above seems to be urban legend, there exists a hidden truth in this fictitious story. The truth is, there is a Johnny Forex in each of us. We all have very special talents that are awaiting their birth, or rebirth. It is suspected that long term exposure to the corporate world stymies creativity and stifles entrepreneurship. The debt burdens that each of us share can be enormous. We typically do not see the solutions that are out there because the problems we have get in the way.

If we each followed Johnny Forex's example, we might all earn the badly needed extra money that our ideas are capable of earning. We simply need ways to do this. We need a constant source of ideas, a reliable source of information/knowledge and mentoring, and we already have the most important ingredient, the internet, as our medium.

In order to be successful, we must surround ourselves with successful people; arm ourselves with success-enabling knowledge; and we must commit ourselves to serving our goals rather than serving our problems.

In essence, we must think, act, and live as if we were already that successful person we wish to be. Through this positive focus and energy, we can and will achieve our ultimate wealth. Johnny Forex believes in the law of attraction.

The Science of Success

There exists a school of thought that the universe is has infinite potential. Thus, it is an infinite supply of everything. This wealth is attracted to those with the ability to recognize it and harness it. As with all things in nature, wealth can be attracted. So it goes without saying that if we attract wealth, it has no choice but to come to us. Just as we attract negative things, thus these things come to us. This Law of Attraction is universal. It has been known throughout the ages, it has been practiced by only a few. As an exercise to prove this theory, think about those days where you felt like everything went wrong.

From the very first thing that upset you or gave you a negative mood, so went everything from that point followed. If you put all your energy and focus into pondering your debt situation, your debt gets bigger or the situation gets worse. If you shift your focus from the bad to the good in life, the bad subsides and has to make way for the good.

There are numerous books, videos and even a movie The Secret on the subject. If you put it into practice daily, you will see an immediate change. You will begin to think more positive, you will walk with your head up instead of down. You will begin the process of attracting good things. Remember, we are always attracting things, whether we are aware of them or not, whether or not we acknowledge the law of attraction.


Part of the law of attraction is the three phases. Phase one is request what we want. Phase two is acting as if it is already ours or on its way. Phase three is accepting or receiving. The most important part is the acceptance phase. Things may not come directly at us. If we ask for a million dollars, we may not receive a check in the mail for a million dollars. But we may in fact be given a million dollar idea. The act of accepting or receiving it, acting on it is our challenge. We must act on these things in order for the attraction to be complete.

We should all strive to be a Johnny Forex. The Secret (2006 film) Forex

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