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KGB Keylogger – Be In the Know!

There are certain situations in our lives when we simply need to know, no matter what it takes. We need to know that our children are surfing the Internet for educational information and not something that can hurt their forming minds. We need to know that our beloved wives or husbands are not flirting or worse behind our backs. Those of us who happen to be in charge of companies need to know that their employees use access to the Internet only for business purposes.

Much of modern people’s life goes on in the world of computers. Once a wise man said: “One can see the whole ocean in a tiny drop of water”. Similarly, you can very well draw a modern person’s portrait based on their computer activity. And the best tool to monitor this activity is KGB Keylogger – your personal secret agent.

How It Works

One could describe KGB Keylogger as a “keylogger”, as it lets you know everything that has been typed by a computer user, including non-printable characters. But it is much more than that: with KGB Keylogger you will have lists of all sites visited, applications run, screenshots of all windows opened, full clipboard content and more. KGB Keylogger will conveniently present all this information in the form of a table or a report that will include the date, exact time, application and window title for each entry. The greatest advantage of KGB Keylogger is its ability to become totally invisible, both for computer users and antivirus or spyware detection programs.

KGB Keylogger is highly customizable and allows you to apply personal settings for every computer user, that is, what, where, when and how should be monitored. The information effectively gathered by KGB Keylogger can be sent to you via e-mail or to your folder on an FTP server in HTML format or as a zipped file. KGB Keylogger not only allows you to grasp all the information on computer users’ activity, it also delivers only the essential part thanks to filters and alarms that you can preset.

Main Benefits of KGB Keylogger

  • Ability to make it invisible
  • Saving all information entered with keyboard
  • Clipboard content control
  • Timed screenshots
  • Visited sites monitoring
  • Detailed reports (date, time, application and window title)
  • Intuitive interface

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Computer shadow monitoring - KGB Keylogger functions

KGB Keylogger provides you with different methods of absolutely invisible monitoring of computer users activity. You can apply them in any combination that seems to you most effective. KGB Keylogger will not miss a single bit of data that is important for you.

  • Interface

KGB Keylogger developers succeeded in making the program easy to operate even for computer beginners. No complicated technical terms - all settings have simple, common-sense names. Monitoring results are presented in the most convenient and clear way.

  • E-mail interception

Today everyone writes e-mail letters. KGB Keylogger lets you put your object’s e-mail correspondence under secret surveillance. No important information will pass unnoticed. You can set alarms for certain words and be able to look only through those letters where they appear.

  • ICQ, Yahoo and other messengers information interception

A great number of people today uses messenger applications for private or business communication. KGB Keylogger allows you to be fully aware to whom and about what your object is sending messages. ICQ information is intercepted both through keylogging function and file system monitoring (when messages history option is active in the messenger).

  • Keylogging

Since keyboard is essential for entering information, simply saving every key stroke lets KGB Keylogger save for you all the words, phrases and separate symbols your object types.

  • Clipboard content monitoring

One of great advantages of KGB Keylogger is its ability to invisibly control operations of seemingly little importance. Monitoring clipboard content allows you to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of missing some information only because your object decided to copy and paste it instead of typing.

  • Timed screenshots

Screenshots allow you to actually see what your object was looking at on the monitor. KGB Keylogger supplements textual information with visual to provide you with a better understanding of what your object was doing at the computer. You can set the screenshots to be made at certain intervals or every time a new window is opened.

  • System printers activity control

KGB Keylogger allows you to invisibly monitor what documents, from what computers and to what printers are sent. This function is really useful for those who wish to control printer usage by their employees.

  • File system monitoring

Monitoring of computer users actions makes it absolutely transparent where and what files are stored, which can help you greatly in revealing dangerous files in proper time.

  • Visited web sites monitoring

Your Internet traffic is too large and you have no idea why? KGB Keylogger will answer all your questions. A detailed report on all visited sites may give you a lot of information on your objects interests, addictions and weak points. It may leave you better prepared to a talk with your children or with your employees about their Internet usage.

  • Microphone data interception

Recent development of IP telephony raised mass enthusiasm about Internet communication. KGB Keylogger will watch you object’s contacts better than a private detective and you will always know who your wife talked to through Skype or else.

  • Switching between visible and invisible modes

Depending on the tasks you wish to accomplish with the help of KGP Spy, you can choose to run it either in visible or invisible mode. The program is developed so as to make it impossible to be revealed not only by users themselves, but also by antivirus systems installed on the computer.

  • Program activity monitoring

An important part of understanding what is going on a certain computer comes from information about started and exited programs. This function can be of great help in different malfunctions troubleshooting. It can also help you to find out whether certain applications are used appropriately and timely.

  • Computer activity monitoring

Details are important and sometimes even the information about when a computer was turned on or off may give you a clue to better understanding of the situation. KGB Keylogger makes sure this information is not missed.

  • Complete multi-user support

KGB Keylogger can actively take part in creation or editing of system elements, as well as users and administrators access rights.

The greatest advantage of KGB Keylogger is its being universal. The sphere of its application is extremely wide. An ordinary user can use it to save data just to be on the safe ground. A system administrator will always know what is going on in his system and when it is time to take measures. Parents use KGB Keylogger to control their children, employers – to control their employees. A computer class teacher or an Internet café manager receives comprehensive information on what exactly is done at their computers during the lessons or gaming sessions. KGB Keylogger saves a lot of people a lot of nerves, time and money.

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