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Want to make money with your local business online, but dont know where to start?

Start here I started a one man plumbing service company in 2005 and quickly found out that the hardest part for me was getting new customers. I Paid a ridiculous amount of money for a full page yellow pages ad in the biggest book in my territory of Los Angeles. That ad cost me thousands of dollars every month and got very low response. It was sink or swim time and I started looking for any way I could to get more customers. I hired a marketing expert to help me. I spent thousands more on his advice on direct mail - another miserable waste of money. Then I decided to try internet advertising, and that started to work! Pay per click was fast and easy and effective, but it got me thinking... what if I could make a website that would rank high in natural search results? I sure would save a lot of money! But where would I start, I couldn't really afford to pay another "expert" and I'm no "tech" savvy guy, so I did some research and found this site. It made sense to me, so I tried it and now I'm on top or at least in the top ten for hundreds of local search terms for my business. Let's face it, local seo optimisation in L.A. is highly competitive. It took time and effort, but I don't pay for that yellowpages ad anymore and I'm getting new customers every day. I'm even ranking higher than national franchise companies with big budgets. If I can do it, You can too. To find out how I do it, click here

Here's a sample of my website

San Fernando Valley Plumber, click to see the full version