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This article suggests various tips that will help any person achieve their weight loss goals.

For most people, the decision to lose weight comes when they realize that the extra weight is affecting their health and their social life. Anytime is a good time to lose weight, so why not start right now? Drop the slice of pizza and the can of pop and make the commitment right now! Don’t procrastinate and give yourself excuses like “I have fat genes” or “I have a slow metabolism” (slow metabolism is an authentic medical condition, but very rare and most likely not what most people have) they are all lame excuses for not taking action. The process of losing weight involves changes in your lifestyle, particularly in the areas of food (diet) and physical activity (exercise).

Losing weight is more a mental endeavor than a physical one. It takes discipline, commitment, will power and faith to pull it off. A lot of people will quit because it is hard, it is painful and it is life changing.

There are many sites on the Internet that recommend calculating your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and counting calories with elaborate spreadsheets. Figuring out the calories in a portion of mashed potatoes feels like rocket science for most people. It is too complicated. Losing weight shouldn’t make you feel like you’re taking a second job. Just keep it simple, use common sense, follow some tips on this article and you will eventually achieve your weight loss goals. The formula is simple and it’s this: eat less, eat right and move!

Weight Loss Tips

Try to include as many tips in this article into your life and watch your weight go down.

1. Reprogram your brain. Make a bet with someone you trust that when they see you eating something you are not supposed to, you will have to eat something you really dislike (like canned dog food) or give something that’s valuable to you. Every time you crave a donut you will also think of having to gobble up a can of Alpo. This is a great technique to reprogram your brain to equate tasty food that is not that good for your body with food that will make you nauseous just thinking of it. Don’t use this technique for food you want to enjoy occasionally in the future.

2. Focus on small victories. If you weight 300 pounds, don’t set your goal to lose 150 pounds in a month. It will overwhelm you and you will quit faster. Instead commit to losing 1/2 to 1 pound per week for a month. This will boost your confidence level and you will start to believe it is possible to lose more weight. You can then change your goals to losing 2 pounds per week and so on.

3. Plan ahead. Plan all your meals and snacks for the week. Know exactly what you are going to eat for the entire week. Make a list of groceries and go to the supermarket once a week, list in hand, and don’t buy anything that’s not in the list. Make the list after a meal or when you’re not hungry. When you are hungry, you will feel tempted to put more than you really need.

4. Reward yourself. Even though you changed your diet and cut the usual foods you eat, you don’t have to shun them completely from your life. Take a day of the week – like a Sunday – to take a break from your dieting plan and eat whatever it is you crave. Make this a reward for following your plan and putting out with your weight loss diet for the entire week. Go ahead, eat whatever you want and enjoy it because tomorrow it’s back to “the diet”. If you have kids and are making them diet they will be really looking forward to it.

5. Plan and Act immediately. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down the very next actions you are going to do. Be very specific and make sure it is physically actionable. For example instead of writing “1. Stop drinking soda”, write “1. Throw away soda cans.” Instead of “Take a walk” write something like “Take a 20 min walk around the block” Instead of “Get exercise gear” write “Buy sweats and running shoes”. You get the point.

6. Try exercising at the same time everyday. When you do something everyday it becomes part of your routine. Just like going to work or eating, you will feel something is missing whenever you don’t exercise.

7. Don’t do the same workout everyday. Besides being boring, doing the same workout everyday over stresses the muscles you are using and doesn’t allow it to recuperate. You need at least 48 hours for the muscle to completely recover. The next time you use the muscle it will be stronger and more efficient. In other words, if you go walking or running today, don’t go running tomorrow, do something else: go swimming, do push-ups or work with weights.

8. Increase either the pace or the length of your workout or both. If you walk 1 mile in 20 min everyday, your body will get used to it and adjust its metabolism to your routine. By changing the pace or length of your workout, your body will be forced to burn the fat it was going to store and use it for energy. Try to do this every week or when your muscles no longer get sore from the workout. So next week you should be doing 1.2 miles in 20min or 1 mile in 18 min.

9. Weight yourself weekly instead of daily. Losing weight is a process that takes time and can’t be done overnight. When you measure your weight weekly you’ll see bigger numbers drop than if you do it daily. Success begets success and the more weight you see you are losing the more motivated you will feel to keep going.

10. Go to the store on a monthly basis and buy clothes with your new measurements. Keep getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit you, but keep a couple of pieces of clothing from the time you started your weight loss program to remind you of how “big” you were. You will be pleasantly surprised with the new you.

11. Feed off other people’s energy. Just like when you go to a concert or disco where you can feel the energy level is really high and contagious and makes you sing and dance, you should join clubs or people that are passionate about what they are doing. Join a boxing or swimming club or a neighbor that jogs everyday and try to keep their pace for a while. Tell them to keep their own pace not to wait for you as you don’t want to drag them down and they could potentially decline your future requests to join them. Try to go a little faster and a little further every time. Be patient and persistent and you will eventually catch up with them.

12. Go online for motivation. Read an inspirational story every morning to set your motivational level for the day. Find active blogs and forums that give advice and stories on weight loss. Just like when you finish watching a kung fu movie and feel like kicking someone you will feel pumped up and inspired to reach your goals.

13. Order meals with water. If you have no choice than to eat at a fast food joint, replace the soda in the meal with water. Most fast food restaurants will replace it without charging you extra. Soda can make close to a third of the total calories in a meal and have no nutritional value.

14. Drink water even if you are not thirsty. When you feel thirsty means you are already dehydrated. Drink a glass or bottle of water at regular intervals during the day. Water helps carry toxins and waste out of the body in the form of urine.

15. Exercise for at least 20 minutes. When you start exercising, your body will use the most convenient energy source: the glycogen in the muscles. After 10 minutes, your body will switch to fat as an energy source. After 30 minutes, fat becomes the main source of energy.