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How I discovered the Blog Mastermind Program

I've been a blog reader for a long time, but I didn't think of authoring my own blog until only about a year ago. I encountered Yaro for the first time when his blog, Entrepreneurs Journey, was recommended to me by a friend. After reading for a couple of months, I grew to admire Yaro for the depth of his experience and his incredible results, so by the time he was getting ready to launch his new project, Blog Mastermind, I was curious enough to purchase a membership and investigate it for myself.

The Blog Profits Blueprint

The program is introduced to both beginning and advanced bloggers through Yaro's free 50 page ebook, the Blog Profits Blueprint. The Blueprint describes Yaro's background and qualifications, and it's chock full of valuable tips and detailed information on beginning and advanced blogging principles, such as generating traffic, monetizing with affiliate programs and direct advertisers, creating "pillar content", and general business principles like fostering relationships and marketing. At the end of the ebook, Yaro invites readers who are interested in a deeper level of mentorship to join the Blog Mastermind program.

The Blog Mastermind Program

Here's the thing about Blog Mastermind... a visit to Entrepreneurs Journey and a read through the Blog Profits Blueprint will demonstrate the kind of incredibly useful and carefully researched information that Yaro is willing to give away for free. Blog Mastermind resides on a cloud above this. Highly targeted lessons are presented in a variety of different formats, from basic text, to audios that you can download to your MP3 player, to video tours and screenshots of Yaro's own projects. The lessons focus on topics such as blog foundation, social proof, setting up key content pages, building and using email lists, monetization, and marketing for traffic, and dozens of other important topics.

Blog Mastermind offers other valuable features beyond the lessons... Yaro answers questions from program members by video, and allows other members to view the Q&A videos in case they had the same question on their mind. Members also have access to the Blog Mastermind forum, where they can meet one another and share best practices or pose questions. There are also numerous audios to be downloaded for those members who lack the time to sit and read the lessons or FAQ's online... you can take most of the lessons with you in MP3 format to listen to on the bus or during breaks at work!

Investigate the program for yourself If you're serious about building a blogging business, then I urge you to download Yaro's free report, the Blog Profits Blueprint, and read it from cover to cover. By downloading the Blueprint, you aren't obligated at all to join the program. I'm certain, though, that if you investigate Yaro and read through his material, you'll recognize the value of his teaching. If you have questions about the program, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll do my best to answer each one. Happy blogging!