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Can You Make Money Online for Free?

We've all heard the success stories about people who make thousands of dollars a month blogging, and of the Internet marketing gurus who make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single product launch. Most of us, though, are strapped for cash and simply need a way to make money online without spending a dime, in our spare time.

This page highlights only those ways to make money online for free that are truly free. We won't cover blogging, since that requires paying for, at minimum, a domain name. While that's a small expense, we're focusing on absolutely free!

Each of the programs listed below is free to join, and can be worked in your spare time.

Program News

March 17th, 2009

Removed ZotSpot, since it's no longer a way for you to make money searching, but rather a way to generate money for charity (still worth using, just not on topic for this page).

February 27th, 2009

Added The Advisory Panel.

December 15th, 2007

Marketing Pond drops My Power Mall due to a monthly purchase requirement, which means MPM isn't free. While it's true that this technically makes MPM not free, the entire reason to join is to save money on your online shopping, so this doesn't really affect MPM's position on this page.

The Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is a free forum for Internet Marketers. Newbies are welcome, so you don't have to already be making money online in order to participate. In fact, you can get lots of help in your efforts here.

So why is a forum on this page? You can make money online free here in one of two ways.

The forum runs various exercises such as advertising exercises, where forum members will brainstorm unique ways to advertise a particular product. Ads are then run (paid for by the forum), and the results are tracked. If the ads lose money, well, you learn something from the attempt and it wasn't your money to start. If the ads make money, everyone who participated gets a share of the profits. So you get to learn online advertising and make money doing it.

The second way is that if you refer others to the forum, and they make something via the exercises, you also get an equal share. So even if you don't want to participate yourself, you can join and refer other active members to earn from their activity.

Click the banner to join The Advisory Panel.

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Yuwie is the new social network site that shares its ad revenue with its members. Picture MySpace, but you get paid to use it. At Yuwie you can post your own blog entries for others to share, post your pictures, and participate in clubs.

The way you get paid at Yuwie is by generating page views. A page view is when a given page on Yuwie is seen for at least three seconds. This means that an ad has also been seen for three seconds. That page view gives you some credit toward sharing in the ad revenue for the month.

You earn page views in several ways:

  • You view a page for three seconds yourself
  • A page you created (profile, blog entry, picture, etc) is viewed by someone else for three seconds
  • One of your referrals earns enough page views

You earn on your referrals page views down to ten levels. This can be an astronomical number of people, assuming that they all recruit other referrals. Realistically, not all of them will, but you'll still end up with a healthy referral tree generating page views for you if you're willing to refer several friends and help them refer several friends of their own.

Once you sign up for Yuwie, you must participate to be successful. If you don't participate, you won't get any page views. See my Guide to Yuwie on my blog for tips on participating.

Click the banner to join Yuwie.

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Now you can get paid to receive telemarketing calls!

Seriously, Brring! is a service that provides you with a new phone number in any area code you like. When someone calls the new number, they must listen to an advertisement before getting forwarded to your real home phone number.

And you get paid for every advertisement that is played. Typically it's about $0.05 per advertisement, but your first ten are paid at $1 each as a bonus for getting started. You also earn $1.00 for every person you refer to Brring!.

This is one of the few opportunities online where you don't actually do the work, but you do get paid. Instead, the people who call you do the work. Imagine using your Brring! phone number on contact forms for online purchases and surveys, so that the telemarketers who invariably call are earning you money. Instead of getting put on their "don't call" lists, you'll be asking for their "call more often" lists.

In the United States, political seasons would be great for this phone number. Get one in your actual area code and use it when you sign up for voter registration. Then when the political parties call, you'll earn money with each call.

This is a fairly new service, so there are no doubt many other creative ways to get people to call your number to earn you money.

Click the banner to get your free number now.

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Project Payday

Project Payday is a site that claims to offer "realistic extra income for the average Joe". The site primarily offers training articles and videos centered around a particular aspect of the GPT (Get Paid To) industry.

You've probably seen the sites that offer "Get a PS3 for Free" or whatever the current hot item is. These sites work by requiring your to complete one or more free trial offers (for which the site gets paid a commission) and to refer a certain number of other people who do the same. Then you get your free whatever.

Project Payday provides detailed instructions on how to make money using these sites. Three ways are offered:

  1. You get paid to help other people get their free item
  2. You find sites that will let you take money instead of an item, and then pay others to help you get it
  3. You pay others to help you get the item, and then turn it around on Ebay

The training material is very well presented, and they provide links to online resources you'll need, such as forums where people who are looking to pay others to complete offers for them post.

Project Payday also offers a mentoring program. You can request that two mentors be assigned to you. These are Project Payday members who are successfully using the techniques and have expressed an interest in helping others to do so.

Project Payday is free to join, if you complete an offer for them. In fact, they'll pay you to join. The way it works is that when you complete an offer, you will need to pay a shipping and handling fee. When you get into your members' area at Project Payday, go to the "Free Offers" section and click the "Contact Us" link to request a rebate of the shipping and handling fee.

They'll pay you back double the S&H fee. So when you look through the offers to activate your account, pick the one with the largest shipping and handling fee to maximize the rebate you'll receive.

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Get Paid To Shop Online

There are a few sites around that pay you to shop online.

The basic idea is that the sites make a commission when you buy something online through them. They give you part of that commission. So, in effect, you're getting a rebate by shopping through these sites. And if that's all that was available, we wouldn't have these program on the page.

The two programs featured are My Power Mall and Big Crumbs. Both offers you two types of memberships. One gives you the maximum rebate on your purchases. The other gives you less of a rebate on your purchases, but allows you to refer others and make money when they shop online. For My Power Mall, the Business Mall allows you to earn from your referrals, for Big Crumbs the Crumb Earner membership does the same. Both allow you to earn down multiple levels, so you'll earn from your referrals' referrals, and so on.

While you could make money with these sites without ever spending anything yourself, by referring friends to them, you might as well make your online purchases through your mall to get a rebate on what you're already spending.

Click the banners to join the programs.

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Start Your Own Online Store

Getting a cut from your friends' shopping is nice if you can get your friends to sign up for My Power Mall.

But there are millions of people who buy stuff online daily, and it'd be even nicer to be able to sell things to them. Starting up an online store might seem like a hassle, after all you need to create a website, handle payments, and ship products, right?


There are a number of ways to start up your own online store absolutely free. If you can fill out information on a web form, you can create your own store. The real money in online stores comes from niche stores. Stores that serve special interest groups, rather than stores that sell anything and everything.

Zlio is a very nice point and click store builder. You earn a commission any time that someone buys a product from your Zlio store. Get your store listed in Google, and you could get hundreds of potential buyers shopping daily. Similar to My Power Mall, you also earn a percentage of what your referrals earn.

Bravisa is a newer online store builder, similar to Zlio. With Bravisa, you specify the markup on your items. So you could undercut Best Buy or similar stores, and you keep the entire markup. Per item profits are generally higher in Bravisa than Zlio, but you don't earn from your referrals.

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Get Paid To Subscribe

There are newsletters that pay you to subscribe. Typically this is a small one-time payment, and you will also get paid a small amount to refer other subscribers to the newsletter. Newsletters do this because the larger the base of subscribers they have, the more they can charge advertisers to place ads in the newsletters.

Resource-A-Day is one of these sorts of newsletters. It offers a daily email with an article about Internet marketing, and is free to join. When you join, they give you $10 in your account. The minimum payout is $50, so they'll make you work a bit to get the $10. You make the other $40 by referring other people to the newsletter. When someone you refer signs up, you make $0.40. You make $0.20 from people your referrals refer, and so on down 4 levels.

This sort of thing works best if you have a blog, or use traffic exchanges, so you can get others to sign up under you by recommending the newsletter.

To signup to Resource A Day, click the banner below.

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Marketing Pond

If the above programs aren't enough for you, Marketing Pond is a collection of free money programs. Some of the above programs are included in Marketing Pond.

The beauty of Marketing Pond is that when you get a referral to Marketing Pond, they join over 20 free money programs under you. Instead of advertising each program individually, you advertise only Marketing Pond. Your referrals to the Pond then join the other programs under you.

Marketing Pond is more than just a collection of free money programs. It's also a system for advertising using traffic exchanges. The admin, Valerie, shares her Internet marketing experience freely on the Marketing Pond forum.

To join Marketing Pond, click the banner.

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