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Breakfast Eggs Increase Weight Loss 65%

...So says a recent article and blog posting. Rheo Blair, famous Hollywood nutritionist to the stars during the latter half of the 20th Century, was a HUGE proponent of the egg. He wrote and distributed a two page article on the nutritional benefits of the egg. His protein powders were egg (and milk) based. He often said that everyone should eat at least 3 eggs per day. All this at a time when hi-carb diets were all the rage and high protein had fallen out of favor. I believe that if he were alive and blogging he would spend a lot of time blogging the nutritional wonders of the egg. And just to be clear, when he said egg, he almost exclusively meant -- the YOLK. Here is where the magic of the egg is found -- in the healthy fats and nutrients of the yolk.

Are eggs for everyone? I would venture to say more for some than for others. The Metabolic Typing Diet is a book that is for everyone. It can tell you if eggs are for you or not. According to the book, I am a "protein type". This means the best fuel for my body is an abundance of animal based protein. This, incidentally, is one very important reason why the Blair Program worked so well for me and the other before and afters. We were fed the exact fuel our bodies craved. Others, such as my wife, are of the "mixed type". They require a balance of protein and nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Still others, my dad being the perfect example, are the "carbohydrate type". He needs more carbs and less protein for him to maintain an ideal weight, have good energy, and stay healthy. What type are you? Do you know?

Personally, I knock back 3-5 raw yolks every morning. I consume fertile, free range eggs only. I would never eat a raw conventional egg. I don't offer any of this as advice; you must check with your health care provider and then do only what is best for you. For me, I would not want to be without my daily yolks.

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