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Content Standards for Million Dollar Wiki

Think of the Million Dollar Wiki as a condominium. Owning your own .com domain is like owning a house, and it is up to you to make sure that it stays desireable and valuable by keeping up with the maintenance. Owning a page on the Million Dollar Wiki is more like a condo, we do the landscaping for you to make sure your domain stays valuable.

This page outlines our basic content standards.

Standard 1: No excessive ads

Ads cannot be excessive in relation to the amount of actual content.

Standard 2: No Affiliate Link Farms

You can not devote your entire page to affiliate links.

Standard 3: First thing you see cannot be an ad.

No reader likes to see an ad first thing, so we figure we'll do the logical thing, and make it against the rules. Sort of like a Condominium Complex mows the lawn.

Standard 4: No duplicate content.

Content on your page can not be copied from anywhere else. If we find duplicate content in our daily page reviews, it will be automatically removed. You will be notified of the deletion, and alternative content may be placed in its place if your entire page was comprised of duplicate content.

First-Time Violaters

Will be asked to remove violations.

Second-Time Violators

Could lose their page without refund.

If you have questions about whether your content is acceptable, just ask us.


Our goal, by keeping the content attractive to readers through these content standards, is to create a wiki that is a pleasure to browse, which will cultivate returning visitors and an entire community. Ultimately, and collectively, these standards will make everyone's page exponentially more valuable in the long term.