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Overall Guidelines

  • When you purchase a word, you MUST put content on that page related to the word.
  • We encourage page owners to dedicate one section of their page to content that will be updated regularly.
  • Mindless spam is explicitly prohibited, but you can sell things, link to your website, and post google ads.
  • We will not allow anything pornographic or offensive, that includes links to pornographic or offensive websites, pornographic or offensive images, and pornographic or offensive text.
  • We reserve the right not to allow anything we deem inappropriate for the Million Dollar Wiki.
  • If, at any time during the life of the site, we find on your page explicit images or links to explicit websites, you lose your account and your word will be re-sold. You will not be issued a refund. We are very serious about this.
  • We reserve the right to establish a basic standard for content and enforce it.

Guidelines for Words

  • We will not allow jibberish words (Example: fdsgdsg)
  • We WILL allow slang that isn't offensive (Example: bling is OK)
  • We WILL allow two or more words: (Example: Car Insurance, Really Fast Car, Investing in the Stock Market)
  • Single words must be real words that people use (Example: Bike, Hot, Hamburger)

Guidelines for Content

  • Content of page(s) you purchase must significantly relate to the name of the page.
  • Example: If you purchase "Car", you should either link to a website about cars, or a website that sells car parts, or tell a story about a car, or have a picture of a car.
  • We encourage all page owners to keep one section of their page dedicated to content that is regularly updated. This will improve your pages traffic, increase your visibility on the "Most Popular" page, and ultimately make your page more valuable.
  • If an IFrame is used to include external content, pop-ups/pop-unders and automatic visitor redirection is prohibited. Content must stay within the IFrame.

Guidelines for Text

  • Text you put on your wiki page cannot be defamatory or slanderous of an individual, or illegal in anyway. No libel is allowed.
  • We can choose not to allow any text for any reason.
  • Text cannot be pornographic or offensive.
  • Wiki page content must respect all copyright laws.

Guidelines for Images

  • You must own the rights to the image(s) you post
  • Images cannot be pornographic or offensive.
  • We reserve the right not to allow you to post any images for any reason.
  • Images can not link to pornographic or offensive websites.
  • Explicit images, or images that link to explicit content, will result in you losing your page without refund.