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How can I get my site listed in the popular pages list on the Home Page?

You can have your page listed there automatically. All pages that have received at least 200 visitors to their pages are eligible to be listed in the popular page list. The list rotates all eligible pages equally upon every page load.

How do I become a Featured Page on the Home Page?

Getting your page listed on the home page is a great way to instantly get in front of thousands of people. It is free for page owners, but there are some simple guidelines.

Making the front page requires your page to be useful and look professional. If your page is attractive to visitors and can get them to return, you are a great candidate to gain exposure on the main page, absolutely free of charge.

My page looks good, why am I not featured yet?

There could be other pages waiting to land on the front page, as well as yours, or there could be a few things holding your page from making the cut.

  • Maybe your page has not been noticed, make sure you stop by the forum and share your recent updates.
  • Maybe your page has too many ads. A page filled with ads is considered spam and is unattractive on any website.
  • Maybe your page has spelling and grammar mistakes. A page filled with many of these errors will have a harder chance to make the Main Page.
  • Maybe your page has content that is not organized well. If you have a broad keyword, do not make the mistake of discussing every topic on your one page. HTML or other codes can help you sort your content to make your page navigate much better.

How do I increase my chances of getting featured on the Home Page?

  • Taking part in the community. The best way to do this is by being active on the forum. The forum is also a great way to share your page and connect with page owners who want to make the most of their investment. They will share tips, ideas and even help you out for the greater good of the site.
  • Update your content. Pages that get updated often will get preference over pages that remain static.
  • Using tools outside of the wiki editor will help you accomplish looks that simply cannot be achieved with the wiki editor.

How often are the featured page spots rotated?

There is no set duration currently. As more pages develop, there will be more pages to display, which will allow a more frequent rotation. Take this opportunity to get the most exposure possible by putting the extra effort to making your page stand out.