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Owning a Million Dollar Wiki page

Congratulations on your purchase of a Million Dollar Wiki page. You have become part of a community of page owners, and part of a truly unique website! No one has ever done anything quite like this before. Consider yourself part of history in the making! Your page is a wonderful investment that can grow to untold sizes with the right mind set. If you want to maximize your investment, owning a page is going to call for a little responsibility and effort on your part.

Your Goal

Your goal, as a page owner, is simple. It is to get as many people as possible to see your page, and to have them return as frequently as possible. This is called traffic, and traffic is the backbone of the Million Dollar Wiki model. In the future, the value of your page is going to be determined in part by the traffic your page receives. In addition, if you are using your page to promote your own website, the more often people look at your wiki page, the more often they are going to hit your site. If you purchased a page intending to sell it down the road, your page will be much more valuable if you can say thousands of people look at it every day.

So how do we get thousands of people to look at your page every day? It starts with two simple concepts:

  • Aesthetics
  • Updated content

Page Aesthetics

We want your page to look like a million bucks. After all, it is in the Million Dollar Wiki! So proper page aesthetics means using a balance of images and text. Too much text at once and the reader will lose interest. Too little text and you'll leave the reader wanting a little more substance. Try to strike a balance.

How do I add/edit content on my page?

After you've purchased your words, you'll receive a username and password, and a link to edit your page. You can use the built in wiki editor to quickly add text, images, links, and even youTube videos. You can also supply us with an html file and folder of images, that we will incorporate into your wiki page using IFrames. For further information on using the Wiki editor, see our concise Editing Tutorial.

Updated Content

The best way to keep people coming back to your page is to have a section of your page that changes often. This is what we mean when we say updated content, and this is the key to the Million Dollar Wiki model. Think about it like this: Let's say someone visits your page and sees everything on it. Then they visit a week later, and it's exactly the same. They're never going to come back to your page because they already know what to expect.

Now lets say someone visits your page, and you engage them with some photography you've taken, or a story related to your page, or a blog entry. If they come back a week later, and it has changed, and there's more for them to see, or read, then they'll be hooked, and return every week. This is the whole idea. Returning visitors.

Types of Updated Content

Updating the content of your page doesn't have to be a daunting and time consuming task. It can be fun and quick. Here are some thing you can change on your page that only take a second:

  • A new photograph or image
  • A video you found on Youtube that's related to your page
  • A blog feed (if you keep a blog)
  • A tip. Tips are wonderful. If you own the page for marketing, offer a marketing tip every week. If you own the page for video, offer a tip for shooting video, or a good video you've seen recently.
  • A highlight. A highlight is a brief mention of something. Let's say you own the page for gold. Each week you could highlight a different type of gold jewelry every week. If you own the page for flowers, you could highlight a different flower each week with some information and a picture.

Remember, updating doesn't mean your entire page changes. It could mean that only one little section of your page changes.

How often to Update?

Ideally, you would want to update once a week to drive the maximum amount of traffic. However, this is not going to fit everyone's schedule. Update as often as you feel comfortable, but know that without updating, your page is not likely to get returning visitors, and thus will not climb the popularity ladder as fast or as high as other pages.

Use LINKS to boost your page's traffic

If you want to really boost your page's traffic, and climb right to the top of the Most Popular page, you might want to consider posting links to your page. Please keep the following things in mind:

<a href=> Check out my page! </a>

With the html link above, you can change the "Check out my page" to whatever you'd like.

Places to post your link

Ideally, you should try to post your link where interested and relevant people will see it. The best places to post links are on social networking sites and forums. Forums dedicated to web 2.0, small business, and anything related to your page. Posting on craigslist, and asking the community to contribute to your page is also a way to drive fierce amounts of traffic to your page. Posting your link in these types of places is sure to get you on the way to owning a top-10 most popular page!

You should also post a link to your page right on your own website if you have one. You may be asking, "Why should I post a link to my wiki page if people are already on my website?" The answer is simple. If you can drive visitors of your website to your wiki page, the popularity rank of your wiki page will go up. This, in turn will make your page more visible on Million Dollar and drive more traffic from our site to yours.

Using Digg, Furl, Reddit, and StumbleUpon

There are many ways to promote your page. If you have good content that people find value in, you could quickly find your page being accessed by thousands of people.

Four website stand out for their ability to get good content in front of thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands of people. They are





Each of these websites have millions of users, and they all have voting systems whereby people vote for pages they like. It's very easy to submit your page, and if people vote for it, you could be at the top of the "Most Popular" page in no time!

Join the Forum

A fellow page owner has set up a forum on MDW, and it is found here:

We are going to ask that every page owner register on the forum. This will be a valuable resource where you can post questions, tell everyone to check out your newly updated page, and partake in general discussion! In addition, the general public will be able to create accounts and make suggestions for the pages you own! Imagine knowing exactly what the public wants to see on your page. This will be indispensable to creating a hit page.

We're here to help

The Million Dollar Wiki team is here to help you create content for your page. If you need ideas for content, let us know! If you need an image resized or reshaped, or if you can't quite get things to look right, let us know! We want the content of your page to look great just as much as you do, and we are prepared to aid you in whatever capacity possible. Just send an email to pages [at]

What are you waiting for?

Your page awaits!