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Million Dollar Wiki Idea Surpasses $100,000 Milestone as Landrush Continues

PINOLE, Calif., January 11 -- The owners behind the Million Dollar Wiki had a clever idea to make a million dollars- sell 10,000 pages on their wiki site for $100 each. This once lofty goal is beginning to take focus as the site has just surpassed the important $100,000 milestone with the recent sale of its 1000th page.

The site itself is like Wikipedia but with an important difference. The content of each page is completely controlled by the person who has purchased it.

What's being touted as the latest Internet land grab came virtually out of nowhere. Tempted by the potential resale value of highly searched words like "Music" or "Credit Cards," some customers are buying up to fifteen pages at a time. As many as 50 pages have been sold in a single day as the rush to secure popular terms continues.

"I have no doubt we're going to reach the million dollar goal," says Million Dollar Wiki co-owner Ron James, a self-employed 31-year-old father of three, "people are really getting behind the idea."

People have bought pages for all sorts of reasons. Many simply like the idea of being part of history with the first pay-per-page wiki, but most seem to be more interested in advertising their business or web site to bring a return on their one-time $100 investment.

The Million Dollar Wiki is set up in a way that customers are able to advertise their existing web sites or build micro-businesses on the pages of the Million Dollar Wiki. One man set up a book store that reviews and sells a single book at a time. Another set up a discussion forum which is already generating a stream of advertising revenue. Customers are also allowed to resell their pages for profit.

James noted that the success of his wiki pages is likely because they offer a better value than other sites selling tiny pixels or banner ads. "People have used their pages to set up forums, blogs, display YouTube videos, sell art, show their Google ads, and so much more. Every day someone is doing something new and innovative with a Million Dollar Wiki page. It's very exciting to see," said James.

In 2005, college student entreprenuer Alex Tew stunned the Internet community with his Million Dollar Homepage, selling blocks of 100 pixels for $100 each. The Million Dollar Wiki is a rare breed of "million dollar" themed web sites to follow in Mr. Tew's footsteps to have gain any significant traction with their moneymaking goals.

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