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Mobile Phones have become an obsession in the UK with more active mobile phones in circulation now than there are in the entire UK! This can be a significant cost to your monthly outgoings so it's savvy to find ways to get the best mobile phone deals.

As a general rule if you are using more than about 5 minutes of calls and texts a day you should seriously look at ditching your Pay as you mobile phone and instead opting for a contract mobile phone.

The greatest advantages that a mobile phone contract has over a pay as you go mobile phone are:

- Free mobile phone
- Free minutes
- Free text messages

And also surprisingly:

- Free gifts
- Free line rental

Yes that's right - if you know where to go to buy a mobile phone you can even get free line rental or free gifts with your phone!

This is because the mobile phone market is so competitive that many mobile phone shops will offer extra incentives for you to buy through them, so if you've just been walking into Phones4u or Carphone Warehouse on the high street and getting a new phone without any extra discounts or free gifts then you've been missing out!

In fact the market has got so competitive that you can actually get a contract with a free mobile phone and have all your line rental refunded too - meaning you get a snazzy new phone and use of it for a year completely free!

You can find many of these offers in the best mobile phone deals section over at

So make sure you shop around when looking for your next mobile phone and save yourself a lot of money!