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Smart way to download 100% legal DVD Movies online

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Have you ever tried to download legal movies online? Did you succeed? I think I know the biggest DVD Movies online library ever. Download DVD Quality Movies - Unlimited CD/DVD burns.

I will tell you my secret how i download any number of full length movies online for 100% Free!

'Cheap Library for Movie Downloads'

Movies these days can be quite an expense if you go to the theatres. A lot of people are subscribing to services such as Netflix for a cheap monthly fee and waiting for their movies to come out on DVD. There are also other alternatives to watch your favorite movies. Many people, such as me, download movies for a small fee and also through torrents. You can find a lot of great quality DVD and HD (High Definition) rips of your favorite movies

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A New Movie Service

ZML is a movie library that offers cheap movie downloads. According to dnScoop, ZML has been registered for 6 years. Though, it looks like ZML has just started picking up traffic in the beginning of July. ZML offers iPod movie downloads, regular movie downloads, and you can also burn your favorite movies to a CD or DVD for just $1.99 a piece. There are also great, unique, short descriptions provided for each movie.

About this image
About this image

First Impression

When I first arrived at ZML I thought the website had a great unique look. ZML can be easily navigated so users can find their favorite movies in the movie library with one search. You can also browse by letters. I also noticed a voting system, which users vote for their favorite movies and the community favorites, based on votes, are listed under "Top Movies" on the homepage. It looks like the Lord of the Rings trilogy is quite popular on ZML as they take up 3 of the top 5 spots in the Top Movies section. ZML also has an "Editor's Picks" section under the top movies section. The editor's picks shows an image of the movie cover, title, year, and what categories the movie falls under.

The layout of the website is pretty basic with navigation at the top and other features below it. The content area has simple, but catchy images describing what kind of movies you can download and next to those is a big red button that stands out with the text "Create Free Account." The color scheme is nice and simple, mainly white, black, and grey, which is in my opinion, user friendly and easy on the eyes.

Creating an Account

At ZML anyone can create a FREE user account. There is also a way to earn money for your account so you can download movies instantly. If you do a review on your blog or website about their website and send it in to their feedback section, you can earn up to $15 dollars after getting approved within 24 hours or less. After receiving $15 dollars you can download your first movie. You can choose from a wide variety of categories ranging from action, comedy, fantasy, history, musicals, romance, westerns, and much more. They have about 550+ movies you can choose from in their database. After downloading and watching your first movie from ZML you can also do a review for that movie and send it in to their feedback section for another $5 dollars to your account. If you take advantage of these opportunities you never have to pay for a movie!

Overview of ZML

ZML looks like it offers a unique online service. It looks like it's a newly established website that will only get better through time. As long as ZML keeps adding movies to their database and can build a loyal user base they will be successful. It's definitely a great idea, great service, and definitely a cheap alternative to going to the movies, renting movies, or buying DVDs.

Check out ZML today!

3 Main Feauters of ZML

  • Movies For Your iPod

All movies at ZML site have iPod-ready version.

  • Instant Downloads

No broken links, no long waiting, no additional software required.

  • Burnable

Burn your movies to a CD or DVD to enjoy with family and friends on home video.


My Secret to Free Online Movie Downloads

Download Movies Online Don't like to wait? Create an online account at ZML and download full length movies for as low as 1.99$ straight away!

Download Movies Online for Free! Are You a freebie addict? Create an online account at ZML, then write and post movie reviews on Your blog or site to download full length movies for 100% FREE!


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Cheap Library for Movie Downloads

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Cheap Library for Movie Downloads

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