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You love movies and videos

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If you're like us, you want an easy way to find the best content. Some places where you can find the best and the latest, and share what you have found to be the best and the latest. In other words, where YOU can contribute to what people see. So we created a way to make it easy for you. It's YOUR Guide to Online Video (small section shown below):

Why is it YOUR guide? Because you can rank listings, comment on them, add your own, and even your own categories!! While we've added a lot of material already, the strength of it is that it'll get better each time you come. To go to it, just click here:

You love making movies and videos

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Aside from the Guide for Viewers, the rest of the Guide is for Content-Makers... and if you haven't started making videos yet, what are you waiting for? Whether it's for your family and friends, or for the world, are you gonna let the train pass you by?

Some of the sections that people have added already aside from the Guide for Viewers: How to Make a VideoBlog, How to Broadcast Live, How to Learn how to Make Great Videos for Cheap, Online Video Competitions (for $5-10K each), How to make a Social Network of your own (for your video), How to MAKE MONEY off your videos, and on and on..... check it out and feel free to bookmark: