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Facebook for Places

Facebook makes finding people easy. You can see pictures of them and learn everything about them with a quick glance. is doing the same thing, only with places! Ever wish you could share a cool spot with the world? Ever wish you could find a cool spot to just go and hang out? Now you CAN!

At, you can upload photos of a place, tell people how to get there, and find places. The search function makes it easy to find a place with a ropeswing, grill, picnic tables, or great view, just by searching for those words!

Google Earth and MyPlacebook

If you happen to have a GPS, or can locate your place on google earth, you can add a Google Earth placemark to a place's profile! People who click on it will instantly be taken to the site in Google Earth! Cool!

Adding a place

Each place has its own unique profile and username. There are no passwords. Anyone can log in and add photos or information about a place.


MyPlacebook Homepage

Add a place!