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So, some years ago there was this traveling salesman. Back in the days when they were more common. Traveling salesmen traveled the country and sold stuff. They sold stuff to both businesses and to families along their territory. Now this particular salesman, named "Bob," had a territory in the South where he traveled selling hardware materials and supplies to the local hardware and general stores.

On this one particular day Bob was visiting a small general store somewhere deep into the south. The store was run by an older fella named "Bud". Bud had an old bird dog named "Red". Bob always enjoyed his visits with Bud and Red. Today's visit was late in January, it was a little chilly outside and Bob was thankful for the warm fire that Bud always had going in the woodstove.

Bob arrived at Bud's general store early in the morning on this visit. He shrugged off the cold and warmed his cold hands by the warn cook stove. There on the floor next to the stove lie Red. As Bob peeled off his overcoat, Red looked up with big wide eyes and moaned a long low dog moan. That was a odd welcome, Bob thought to himself as he open his product cases and prepared to visit with Bud.

Bob and Bud spent the next couple of hours looking at tools and hardware, and talking about the weather and recent events going on in the big cities and little towns that Bob visited on his journey. Every few minutes, it seemed, Red would look up and do his long low dog moan. Finally, Bob and Bud concluded their visit. Bob was rewarded with a nice big order, as Bud would be set with inventory for the next six months or so.

After packing his sample bags and while getting back into his overcoat, Bob just had to ask Bud, "what's wrong with Red today Bud?"

"Whats ya mean," replied Bud?

"Well, Red keeps a moaning and a groaning like something's bothering him," said Bob.

"I recon there is," said Bud, "He's a lyin on a nail over there. Must hurt pretty good too."

"Well why doesn't Red just move off the nail," Bob asked?

"I'm guessin it just don't quite hurt enuff," Bud replied.

This is where 95% of you can leave. The 95% of you that are too stupid to realize that you have to make some changes in your lives or you'll just continue to be broke. Or those of you that are just too damn lazy to get off your fat asses and do something different. To do something for yourselves. Where were you five years ago? Where are you now? Where will you be next year. And, who do you blame?

You are dismissed.

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