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Online Casinos are websites that enable gamblers to play their favorite casino games online.


Rule of thumb is "The house always wins" however some websites claim that they offer higher pay outs than real casino slots games. Games like Blackjack typically favor the house.

Live Casino Online Gambling

If you want to play in a real casino, but can't afford to take a trip, you can join the game via a web based interaction that allows players to interact with live dealers and players around the globe. You can hear all the interaction that is taking place.

Bonuses for Signing up

Similar to the "casino rewards cards" online casinos offer a bonus for signing up. Typically, a player must wager a certain amount before they are given their bonus. The bonus is usually a percentage of their initial deposit with a pre-set maximum amount.

Casino Games

The most popular casino games are Blackjack (aka 21), Craps, Slots, Poker (Hold 'em), Roulette and Baccarat. Not all gaming websites offer all games, but typically you can find most of these on any given online casino.


Once you are logged in you will most likely be pleased to see that the graphics and sound effects associated with the above games are very similar if not identical to the experience you will have in a real casino.

Fraudulent Online Websites

Some online casinos have been proven to cheat, so make sure you are playing with a reputable company before you offer over your hard earned cash.