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Online Gambling - to wager money online. There are many different ways one can gamble online. Let's look at some examples below:

Sports Betting

Having to do with betting on sporting events (games). Bets are determined by odds and most often the results have to do with point spreads in games. The most popular sports betting event online and in and around American homes is the Super Bowl. Many Americans participate in a super bowl pool whether through work or a group of friends. Some take it further and use a Bookie or an internet gaming site to wager for such a large sports event.

Not all sports are practical when placing a point spread wager. Sports such as baseball or boxing for example will use a money line wager which take into consideration the favorite and the odds against the underdog.

Online Casinos

Games played at online casino websites are played against the house. Bets are placed and managed through some sort of an account set up before hand. Some of the games included are usually, blackjack (aka 21), craps, slots, baccarat or roulette. Many online casino sites offer free websites for people to learn to play or practice before they begin to wager with cash.

Online Poker

When it comes to poker online, it deserves it's own category. For one, players play against each other rather than against the house. The most common online poker games are Texas hold'em and seven card stud. These are played either in a tournament setting or a ring game structure.

Online Bingo

Yes, there is something for everyone. People can also play bingo online. While not as popular as the above mentioned methods, it really does exist.

Transferring Money

Anyone outside the US can typically upload funds from a credit card or bank account directly to whatever online casino they are playing with. In the United States, it is a different story. US banks prohibit credit cards or any other e-money source to be used for services having to do with transferring money for the purpose of gambling on the internet.