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What is personal development?

Personal Development is about enjoying your life while making conscious decisions on a daily basis about everything you do. It’s about having more control of your own actions and emotions and staying motivated no matter what situation or environment you’re in.

Personal development teaches you how to become more productive and effective at work and how to maintain focus on what really counts in all aspects of your life.

What is personal development focused on? It's really hard to narrow down such a vast topic, and that's why it was decided to only list our best guesses for the most usually targeted areas of personal development:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Thought Control
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Physical development
  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Imagination

Who is interested in personal development? People who dedicate themselves to personal development usually:

  • Recognise their own potential
  • Possess a sense of purpose and commitment to improvement
  • Believe in their capacity to learn and grow
  • Transfer wishful thinking into real action
  • Embrace change and opportunity

What is involved in personal development? The process of Personal development involves several aspects:

  • Transcending our Negative Qualities. We all have negative qualities such as pride, anger and doubt. Personal development is a conscious effort to reduce and minimise these qualities by focusing on the positive aspects of life.
  • Controlling Our Thoughts. Control of our thoughts is essential for our own development. If we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of our own thoughts, we cannot hope to minimise our negative qualities and bring our good qualities to the fore. Meditation is the best way to cultivate a silent mind.
  • Self-Transcendence. Self-Transcendence is the art of going beyond our own self-imposed limitations. This means we aspire to reach new goals and not to be satisfied with what we were in the past.
  • Intuition. Personal development means we learn to listen to the inner voice - our inner pilot. The messages of our inner voice can only be heard with a silent mind. This inner inspiration comes not from our ego, but our Soul.
  • Minimise Desires. When we live in the world of desires there is no end to our desires. However, spiritual growth means we learn to reduce our desires. By reducing our desires we discover that the source of abiding happiness is to be found in a life of simplicity and not outer success.
  • To Live in the Heart. If we can live in the heart many of our problems will be solved. When we live in the heart, we can spontaneously feel our oneness with others.
  • Gratitude. Gratitude is to make a conscious appreciation of the Source of all things. Without gratitude personal development is very limited

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