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With the explosion of online poker thanks to televised poker shows such as the World Poker Tour, many new online terms have been manifested. One of these terms is Rakeback.

What is Rakeback?

First, Rake is of course a small percentage (usually around 5% up to a maximum of $3) of each pot that the house or online cardroom takes.

Rakeback is a portion of the rake that goes back to the player.

This is a relatively new concept as brick and mortar poker rooms and casinos never offered Rakeback to players. However, on the Internet, most poker rooms have affiliate programs. These affilites are typically paid with part of the rake that the referred player generates for the cardroom, usually around 20-40%.

Some of these affiliates then pay back part of their commision to their referred players - Rakeback. They do this to offer players the best sign-up deal. For example, instead of signing up to a particular poker site with no real incentive, a player could sign-up to the same poker site through a Rakeback offer and earn 20-30% Rakeback for life.

The Power of Rakeback

Rakeback should not be overlooked because while the actual rake of each pot is indeed small, it can definitely add up.

For example if a player pays $1,000 a month in rake and signed up through a 30%-rakeback program, he would receive $300 a month back in Rakeback, or $3600 a year. Players who multi-table (play more than one table at once) benefit exponetially with Rakeback. Some high volume players easily make over $75,000 a year in Rakeback. Remember, this is on TOP of regular poker earnings!

Where Can I Get Rakeback?

There are many Rakeback offers out there, and a quick Google search will return many results. However, here is one of the more lucrative offers out there. Please note that it is not available for US-citizens:


URL: SunPoker.com

Rakeback: 38.8%

Details: In addition to a $1000 deposit bonus, PokerForums.org is offering up to 38.8% rakeback with SunPoker.com.

Players start at 15.5%, but automatically increase depending on how many MPP's they generate each month:

MPP's | Rakeback

0 - 49 = 15.5%

500 - 2,499 = 23.25%

2,500 - 4,999 = 27.13%

5,000 - 7,999 = 31%

8,000 - 10,999 = 34.9%

11,000+ = 38.8%

Rakeback is automatically deposited to players' accounts once a month and bonuses are not deducted from rakeback.

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