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toy - noun, an object to play with typically meant only for amusement. Though it is usually associated with children, it is not uncommon for adults to play with toys.


Welcome to the Toys section of The Million Dollar Wiki. Here you will find some of the most interesting toys that I've come across in the market.


Lego Mindstorms NXT: I remember how much I enjoyed playing with Lego as a kid. All the creations I made were only limited by my imagination. Now, you can create your own programmable robot with the new Lego Mindstorms NXT! With 577 pieces, 3 motors, sensors that can detect different stimuli (light, touch, sound), the Mindstorms NXT is the most advanced Lego toy in the market. Lego did a great job when the started the Mindstorms Development Program (MDP) to foster the Mindstorms community, in order to vastly improve the quality of the Mindstorms brand. A great toy for the inner engineer in everyone!

Air Hogs Havoc Heli: I had heard about this toy last Christmas when I saw people playing with them online. Previously known as the Picoo Z by the company Silverlit (later distributed by Spin Master in North America), it started the whole market of mini helicopters that can be played indoors. At a mere 10 grams and a length of 17 centimetres (rotor span of 13 centimetres), it is the smallest remote control production helicopter in the world. With three different frequencies (and colors), you can fly up to three helicopters at a time. The Havoc Heli is a great little toy to play with even if you have space constraints (sometimes I fly it around in my small room) and you can recharge the helicopter's battery right from the remote control! The package includes, the helicopter, remote and replacement propellors (batteries are not included). A great toy for almost all ages!

Nintendo Wii: In an age where graphics and animation dominate most video game consoles, Nintendo offers one of the most unique features in a console today: motion sensitive control. This is achieved through the Wii remote (known as the Wiimote) and attachment (known as the Nunchuk). It allows the most novice of gamers to truly get "into" the game. It is usually more intuitive to move around and do the move as opposed to using a joystick or directional pad. What really astounded me was how I've seen people who are self-proclaimed, "Non-gamers", become addicted and enthralled in a videogame. The Wii system comes with a Wiimote (with batteries), a nunchuk, the system and Wii Sports so you can play right out of the box (assuming you have a television as well!). Also, get a few more controllers so can play with friends and check out some of the other games, you'll definitely have a blast!

Transformers - Masterpiece: As a child, I remember watching the Transformers cartoon all the time. Till this day, I can vividly remember the theme song, the names of the different transformers and I had some of the old toys. Recently, the popularity and demand for the toys have increased greatly, mainly due to the release of the live-action move in the theatres. Though the movie was enjoyable, the robots (and especially the toys) were less than desirable...however, the Japanese toy company, Takara, brought out Masterpiece versions of the original Transfomers like Optimus Prime, Starscream and Megatron. Not only do they look almost exactly like they did in the cartoon, but the attention to detail in the sculpting is phenomenal. Of course these figures are definitely expensive, however, for those who collectors or Transfomerphiles...they are a MUST have! Also, Toys R Us had come out with re-issues of the original Generation 1 toys, and out of them all, I'd say Soundwave is the best out of the bunch. He was the Decepticon reconnaisance robot that transformed into a cassette recorder and had minons (Ravage, Lazerbeak and Rumble) who turned into cassettes. These toys definitely bring back memories of my childhood. Get them today!

Revoltech - Figures: Usually when you buy figures these days, they are either well sculpted statues or they are ugly looking toys you can pose whichever way you liked. It was always the case of sculpting vs. articulation, however, a Japanese company called, Kaiyodo, have a created line of toys called "Revoltech". What made it special was that Revoltech joint system allowed their beautifully sculpted toys to be posed in whichever way you desired. Kaiyodo has released figures from many famous Japanese animes such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mazinger, Getter Robo and even Transformers. I recently bought the Revoltech Optimust Prime and Megatron and I'm very impressed by the quality. Now both are on top of my shelf locked in mortal combat, until I decide to pose them a different way. A great toy to have!


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