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What is a trombone?

Nobody can be told what a trombone is . . . they must experience it for themselves. Hello, world! Thanks for visiting the trombone page at Million Dollar Wiki. We're only sort of kidding about "The Matrix" reference. If you are interested, you really should take the chance to buzz a mouthpiece, slap on some Trombontine or squirt on some valve oil, and try to play a trombone. Or at least listen to a few excellent musicians who can teach you a few things. So to help you do just that, here are some suggestions for reading, listening, playing, and taking lessons. Along the way, we'll update this page with new info as often as possible. Enjoy, and tell a friend to visit Million Dollar Wiki today.

What is a trombone studio?

Trombone lessons are a part of life. To make it easier, check out this awesome resource called Music Teacher's Helper that can help you run your own private trombone studio. They let you try their services for free, tracking up to three students. And they offer trial time for their paid service levels called Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum. I still find it hard to believe all the features they offer, but what a great idea to make your trombone teaching job easier so you can concentrate on the music! Very cool.

Search or post jobs for the trombone

If you look carefully at the movie "Hudsucker Proxy" with Tim Robbins and Paul Newman, there is a scene where the Tim Robbins character is searching for a job in the city by reviewing a board of changing job titles. Using the pause button on your remote control, you can isolate a couple of frames of film that show a flash of a familiar job title: Trombonist. You only see it for half a second, but it's there. In real life, if you are searching for a job, and you play trombone, you can use our convenient job board shown below. For employers, you can post jobs for 60 days using our special rate of $50.00 (US dollars).

Jobs change all the time, but you can filter the job board for positions such as band director, trombone audition, instrumental music teacher, and others. Sorry if you see any mismatches, but sometimes other types of jobs mention "symphony" or "music" for some reason in their job descriptions. We'll keep refining our search to give you the best results.

What is a trombone lensmaster?

In addition to Million Dollar Wiki, we have also tried to gather a lot of trombone related items under one topic by becoming a Squidoo Lensmaster. If you want to become a Squidoo Lensmaster for your favorite topic, you can earn a $5 bonus for free! Earn money for yourself or for your favorite charity.

Name a few trombone books

No problem. We setup a few detailed lists at Amazon called LISTMANIA. If this works pretty good, we might upload a few GIF or JPG files to show individual titles. But for now here are some of the lists we created.

Magazines for trombone and pedagogy

Best trombone method books for band

Best trombone music from various publishers

Best trombone music published by Carl Fischer

Best trombone music published by Warner Brothers

Best trombone music published by Hal Leonard

Best of Dicky Wells

Best of Douglas Yeo

Best of Fred Wesley

Best of Henry Fillmore

Name a few trombone recordings

Since our book list was so popular, we decided to do the same thing for trombone recordings at Amazon called LISTMANIA. This is more or less like a discography. Under each name you might see three or twenty-three CD titles. Sometimes more than that, because the trombonist was included as a soloist or in the band on hundreds of other recording labels and CDs.

One feature you'll probably like is the view count shown for each list at Amazon. Guess who's name is shown the most (thousands of times): Lindberg or Alessi or Pankow? For a little while they were in a close race. There's plenty more, just search for awesometbn when you are at Amazon. Enjoy!

Software for trombone and pedagogy

Hardware for trombone and pedagogy

Best of the sackbut

Best of Charles Toet

Best of Robin Eubanks

Best of Fred Wesley

Best of James Pankow

Best of Christian Lindberg

Best of James Miller

Best of Carl Lenthe

Best of Blair Bollinger

Best of M. Dee Stewart

Best of Will Bradley

Best of Steve Turre

Best of Matt Finders

Best of Richie La Bamba Rosenberg

Best of Tom Bones Malone

Best of Bruce Paulson

Best of Wycliffe Gordon

Best of J. J. Johnson

Best of Kai Winding

Best of Slide Hampton

Best of Al Grey

Best of Dicky Wells

Best of Vic Dickenson

Best of Trummy Young

Best of Kid Ory

Best of Jack Teagarden

Best of Frank Rosolino

Best of George Lewis

Best of Delfeayo Marsalis

Best of Scott Whitfield

Best of Jim Pugh

Best of Joe Alessi

Best of Jay Friedman

Best of Douglas Yeo

Best of David Taylor

Best of Mark Lawrence

Best of Ralph Sauer

Best of Urbie Green

Best of Conrad Herwig

Best of Carl Fontana

Best of Harry Watters

Best of John Fedchock

Best of Ray Anderson

Best of Roswell Rudd

Best of Bill Watrous

Best of Chris Barber

Best of Glenn Miller

Best of Tommy Dorsey

Best of Arthur Pryor

Best of Henry Fillmore

Best of Grachan Moncur, III

Best of Juan Tizol

Best of J.C. Higginbotham

Best of Lawrence Brown

Best of Joseph Bowie

Best of Eddie Bert

Best of Dan Barrett

Best of Conrad Janis

Best of Jiggs Whigham

Best of Scott Hartman

Best of Stan Wilkerson

Best of Eugene Watts

Best of Don Drummond

Best of John Rojak

Best of Ian Bousfield

Best of Chris Brubeck

Best of Jeff Bradshaw

About the trombone page at MDW

The trombone page at Million Dollar Wiki was created by the same people who brought you such hits as Awesome Trombone Links and . . . other trombone related goodies. Due to popular demand, we have setup an incoming phone line for paid technical support using as our payment processor.

Yes, a human being from the trombone page will talk to you. If you have any technical problems using a trombone, need help playing a trombone, or just need someone to talk to before an upcoming trombone audition, we have setup this toll-free telephone service with and a convenient 15 minute renewable rate. Unused minutes can be used for future calls. All calls are anonymous. You also have the option to use the call button shown above to "Call Me" during the daytime, or if it's after hours "Arrange" a call by appointment. Question about See their FAQ page for customers.

Here's a quick shout out to my buddy Master Sergeant Mike Piersol at the USAF Band in DC, the real force behind our trombone quartet FORE! the amazing and talented Dr. Rebecca Philips at USC, my mentor Dr. John Drew at Florida State University, and one of my favorite private trombone teachers Paul Welcomer at the San Francisco Symphony.