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Welcome to the trombones page at Million Dollar Wiki. Watch out for new and exciting changes to this page over the next several weeks (and months, years?). Just in case you haven't heard us say it before, we highly recommend an awesome resource called Music Teacher's Helper that can help you run your own private trombone studio. They let you try their services for free, tracking up to three students. And they offer trial time for their paid service levels called Bronze, Gold, Silver, and Platinum. You may find it hard to believe all the features they offer, but what a great idea to help automate the administrative portion of your trombone teaching studio so you can concentrate on the music! Very cool.

And if you are a musician who runs your own website or have been put in charge by the rest of the band, we highly recommend Sedo for all of your webmaster needs such as domain parking, sales, appraisals, and searching for new purchases. Just use the search box shown below to pull more trombones out of the domain database.

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Photographer: Roland Zumbühl, Arlesheim Source: