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Trustedplaces is a social networking website where members can review restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs and other places that they have visited. These reviews are available to everyone, so you can use it if you’re looking for recommendations about places to visit (or to avoid!).

As with other social networking sites, new Trustedplaces members need to set up a profile. Once registered, they can add positive or negative reviews of places that they have visited.


Trustedplaces members can earn points by:

• adding a review

• adding a video review

• enhancing another user’s review with a photograph

• performing other actions on the site such as inviting a friend.

Each reward point counts as a ticket in the monthly and annual Trustedplaces lotteries, so the more points that a member earns, the greater their chances of winning a prize. Lottery prizes include meals at participating restaurants and weekend breaks.

Special Offers

Members of Trustedplaces can also sometimes benefit from special promotional offers provided by participating businesses.


Members are encouraged to use keyword tags in their reviews so that the information can be categorized accurately. A tag cloud, highlighting the most searched for terms, is also shown on the page for each place reviewed.


Trustedplaces is an internationally-focused site, but at this early stage most of the reviews featured are of places in the UK, particularly in London.

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